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When should you use low sheen paint?

Low sheen paint is the most popular type of paint when it comes to Australian living areas.

Unlike higher sheen/gloss paints, low sheen paint doesn’t highlight surface imperfections as markedly. It also allows for easier cleaning than flat finish paints (if you go near a wall finished in flat paint with a sponge, you will live to regret it).

This makes low sheen paint perfect for large walls in well-lit, non-wet areas. For Australian homes, these are usually the living areas and bedrooms.

Low sheen paint is also more resistant to marks and scratches than flat paint.

Painting tips for low-sheen paint

While the surface preparation for low-sheen painting isn’t as critical as when you are painting with semi-gloss, it’s still a good idea to get the surface as clean and smooth as possible before laying down a primer coat. This will give you the very best end result. Especially in living areas which tend to be high-traffic.

Always do at least two coats.

The best kind of roller for low-sheen paints? Semi-smooth, polyester or lambs wool … with a 12mm nap.

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