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Should I move out while my house is painted?

Interior Paiinting underway in house - should you move out or stay?

Housing in the Greater Perth area is experiencing a price boom, so it may be the perfect time for you to refresh and revalue your family home. However, when considering staying in the family home while your professional Perth painter completes the interior painting, assess the following points, especially if you have kids. A J Cochrane and Sons can complete a professional interior painting for your family whether you choose to stay or go; however, being prepared is the goal of a seamless and low-stress renovation.

Interior Paiinting underway in house - should you move out or stay?

Advice from our expert, Stephen: We have done residential interior painting for families who choose to move out and those who choose to stay. In my experience, if moving out for a few days is possible, it is the best choice. It’s not just the inconvenience of having workers and drop sheets and messes to contend with; it’s other issues like dust and odour. These can be quite problematic, especially if you have a family member with asthma.

Six Reasons to Stay or Go During a Residential Interior Painting

One – Preparation Time

Your family home may need a lot of repairs during preparation for the interior painting. This could take time. Preparation is everything! Your Perth professional painter will want to do the best job to obtain the perfect finish to achieve your dream result. Sometimes, this can take longer than you expect. So, consider alternative accommodation if you can only cope with a day or two of disruption.

Two – Sanding and Paint Removal

If a lot of paint removal is required, this can generate dust. As experienced professionals, we strive to keep the dust to a minimum; however, we recommend that exposure of infants or family members with respiratory vulnerabilities is kept to a minimum.

Three – Inconvenience to Your Family Routine

Complete interior painting includes emptying every room in the house, moving furniture to the centre, and laying drop cloths on the floor. This can be tedious in rooms you need daily, such as bathrooms or toilets. While professionals can accommodate families who wish to remain at home, it can be frustrating for young families to maintain a routine for younger members.

Four – Space to Sleep, Eat and Live in The Home

Where will you all sleep while the rooms are sanded and painted if you have children? Is it safe and well-ventilated, and can you all co-exist in a small space together? While we absolutely can work around you and the room you are living in, it might be more complicated than you imagine with energetic kids to contain.

Five – Number of Coats Required for The Professional Finish

The type of paint you choose and how many coats that paint requires can add time to the interior painting. The time of the year and drying time can also affect when the rooms are safer to be excluded from use.

Six – Odour and Paint Choices

Your choice of paint for your interior painting has an impact. Will you be choosing to utilise odourless paint? Have your heart set on a high gloss paint? Your choice affects the environment in your home. While A J Cochrane aims to use the highest quality Dulux paints that minimise odours, even the faintest smell can affect some family members. Rooms will need to be well ventilated, and the paint will need to be completely dried before you can sleep in a freshly painted room.

A J Cochrane & Sons can complete residential interior painting when families remain home. Choosing whether to stay in your home while it is being painted is a personal choice and professionals can discreetly and efficiently work around your family if you choose to stay.

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