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Is It Safe to Sleep in a Freshly Painted Room? 

Is it safe to sleep in a freshly painted room?

Is it safe to sleep in a freshly painted room?

Is it Safe to Sleep in a Freshly Painted Room?

The walls were cleaned, the paint was applied, the drop sheets removed, and now you’re staring at the final result. Perfect! All you need to do is move that furniture back in, put the curtains or blinds back up and you’re ready to go. 

But wait… is it safe to sleep in a freshly painted room? Read on to find out what you need to know to keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Not All Paints Are Created Equal

Dulux paints, used by Dulux accredited professional painters, recommend that as long as the paint has completely dried and all paint smells have been cleared from the room, you are safe to move furniture back in. A trusted name has safety advice to back it up and professional painters will be able to attest to the safety and durability of the paint you’re choosing to use within your home. Master builders and painters will not compromise your health and safety. Stick with the name you know and the branding that will support your choice in decoration. 

However, not all of us choose to use a big ‘safe’ brand of paint or employ the assistance of professional painters. If you are branching out and going against the grain, it will truly be up to you to check the active ingredients. Whether this be by doing your own research or talking to the experts – you need to ensure that you ask the question ‘is it safe to sleep in a freshly painted room?’ of anyone that you purchase from. You MUST ensure you get the manufacturer’s guarantee – do NOT cut corners.  

How to Air Out the Room

Ventilation is key. Windows wide open and fans firmly on. Don’t use air conditioners as the residual dampening effect might hinder the very process that you’re trying to encourage. 

It might be worth your while planning a few nights’ away to allow for the fumes to fully dissipate.  

What’s at Risk?

If the paint has not properly dried and the fumes have not appropriately been cleared out, you may experience side effects. These might range from headaches and dizziness through to throat and lung irritation.  

Talk to the Experts

Don’t compromise your health and safety. AJ Cochrane & Sons have over eighty years’ worth of experience servicing the community of Perth and surrounds. They have your safety at the heart of all they do.

Contact AJ Cochrane & Sons today to talk about making your painting dream a reality.  


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