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What’s the Best Paint for Kids Rooms?

Freshly painted nursery in neutral tones. Use the best painters and best quality paint for best results.

It’s time to paint your kid’s bedroom! Whether you’ve got a little one on the way, are updating a nursery room or renovating your home, you need to choose the right paint. Kids rooms are a unique area in your home that requires you take some specific considerations into account when it comes to paint choice.

Freshly painted nursery in neutral tones. Use the best painters and best quality paint for best results.

We want the best for our kids, so that means buying the best paint and hiring the best painters in Perth!

Top 5 Things to Consider

Kids bedrooms shouldn’t be treated like any other bedroom. It’s a high traffic area where your little ones also sleep! Here is our expert list on everything your paint needs, to be the best paint for your kid’s room.

1. Low Toxicity

Children are still growing and developing. They are more vulnerable and sensitive to toxic fumes and chemicals. You need to use safer paints, especially if you are painting a baby or toddler’s room. Look for a paint with low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) that are also free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs).

Avoiding these chemical additives is helpful for your health, but it also helps the environment!

2. Low Smell

Paints with strong odours can be irritating. Low smell and low toxicity paints often come hand in hand. The smell is usually from the paint fumes as the paint is applied and dries.

You should choose low odour paints for those who are more sensitive. So, be extra careful with your paint choice if you’ve got infants, or kids with allergies or asthma!

3. Washable

Washable paint is a no-brainer for a kid’s room. The walls will be touched with dirty hands, scuffed, spilled on and stained with all sorts of mystery substances. That means you need a washable and tough paint. Washable paints are made with water repellent technology, so it makes it easy to clean up spills and stains. And with your busy lifestyle as a parent, why wouldn’t you want to make life easier?

4. Adding Texture

You can do everything from washable paint to uniquely coloured walls to manage dirt on your kid’s bedroom walls. But let’s face it, it’s never going to stop them from taking a crayon to the wall or playing with messy toys. And now you’re left to clean it. After all, kids will be kids!

Consider using a rolling rag or applying a sea sponge finish to add a fun texture to the wall while also hiding and disguising imperfections on the walls. It will be less maintenance for you later.

5. High Quality Paint

The one thing that you will need more than anything for a kid’s bedroom is high quality paint. You need a lasting finish. With parents and children entering and exiting multiple times a day for naps, sleep, and playtime, kid’s rooms are high traffic areas that need a high quality, durable paint.

Cheap paint will peel and chip. You don’t want the room to look rundown. But more importantly, it’s not great for paint fragments to be inhaled by little nostrils. Quality paints aren’t just aesthetically more pleasing, they are also better for your family’s health.

As Dulux accredited painters, we can help you choose smart.

Need help painting your kids’ room? Give AJ Cochrane & Sons a call!

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