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Why We’re Perth’s First Choice For Industrial Roof Coatings

Freshly recoated industrial building. Get expert advice from professional painters on industrial roof coatings to cope with Perth conditions.

Industrial building owners in the greater Perth area know the importance of protecting the roof from harsh elements. Perth’s combination of hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters can take their toll on building exteriors – and when those buildings house expensive equipment, the risk of exposure to the elements can be a very costly one.  

Freshly recoated industrial building. Get expert advice from professional painters on industrial roof coatings to cope with Perth conditions.

The application of industrial roof coatings is crucial to protect against direct exposure to the elements. However, it’s equally important to choose the right tradesperson to complete the job.  

How to choose the right painter for industrial roof coatings 

Commercial and industrial roof coating is a specialised area that not every painter has the training or knowledge to undertake. These jobs tend to be very large in scale and involve painting at heights so it’s important to choose a company with the necessary skills and experience to complete the work. 

When obtaining quotes for an industrial painting job, here are some key questions to ask to ensure you choose the right people for the job. 

Does the painter have the correct insurance? 

Experienced and professional industrial roof coating experts understand the hazards and have the correct insurance. This includes general liability, public liability, and workers’ compensation insurance. A minimum coverage of ten million dollars is advisable.  Insurance must cover working at heights – however, some only cover external work up to 2 stories or 10 metres.  

Are they experienced and licensed for working at heights? 

Don’t risk engaging a painter without the necessary experience and licenses. Choose a professional painter who is fully licensed for working at heights and can demonstrate their experience in performing industrial roof coatings. Request testimonials and examples of previous work to ensure the workmanship is of the highest quality. 

Can they offer expert advice on roof protection, heat reflection and durability of products? 

Understanding how to protect surfaces from the harsh Perth environment should be a specialty of the painter. An experienced professional can offer trusted advice on roof protection, heat reflection, and durability to ensure you select the industrial roof coating that provides optimal protection for your building.  

Does the painter require an induction to attend your industry environment?

If chemical, general, or specific safety inductions are required to enter your facility, be sure to advise the painter of these when requesting a quote. They’ll need to factor these into the job timeframe.  

A word from Stephen at AJ Cochrane & Sons 

One of the great things about being Perth painters for three generations is that if Western Australia can throw it at you, we can protect you from it. Industrial roof coating is a specialist area of painting because it’s dangerous, skilled work and must be done professionally to ensure your building’s roof gets maximum protection. Industrial roof coating isn’t your ‘basic job’ and that’s why clients come to us. For over ninety years, we’ve been figuring out the smartest, safest, and most cost-effective way to produce the best results for clients – and we can help you, too. 

Need advice on industrial roof coatings for your commercial building?
Get in touch with Stephen and the team at AJ Cochrane & Sons today. 

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