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Do I really need a primer/sealer coat when painting my walls?

There’s a really short answer to this question and it is ‘YES’.

You will simply get a much better result when painting the walls of your home if you use a primer/sealer coat first.


Primer/sealer has special bonding agents that help it stick to the surface of walls – new or old. So it sticks well to walls … and then paint sticks well to the primer. This means it provides a sturdy ‘interface’ between the wall … and the final, quality coats of paint.

Primer/sealer does also allows the top coat to go on more smoothly providing a better quality, longer lasting finish.

In which situations should you make sure you don’t skip the primer stage?

  1. If the wall you are painting is heavily stained or highly porous, as primer is the best thing for covering the stain and sealing the porous surface.
  2. If the wall you are painting has paint flaking off in some areas. Primer will even out the overall surface in this situation.
  3. If you are trying to paint over a dark colour of paint. You can even save yourself some money in this situation. Since primer is cheaper than normal paint you might be able to get away with one coat of primer and a two coats of quality paint. If you tried to skip the primer stage here you might find yourself having to buy enough high quality paint to do three or even four coats in order to cover up the original dark colour!

In which situations might you be able to get away without using primer/sealer?

  1. If you are painting over an existing wall that was previously sealed/primed, and painted in a similar colour to the one you are re-painting with.
  2. If you don’t mind whether your paint job flakes off easily 😉

If ever you’re in any doubt about which way you should go however, we highly recommend you check with either a Dulux Accredited Painter or Master Painter.

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