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Painters Warranty – Should you care about it?

Have you ever been offered a warranty on a paint job before?

Every Dulux Accredited painter can provide their customers with a professional 5 year warranty which guarantees the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for a period of 5 years as a result of faulty surface preparation or application of the coating system.

What’s interesting however is that the majority of people we come across don’t seem all that interested in the protection a painters warranty provides them with.

In many cases – when choosing between a Dulux Accredited painter (who offers a warranty) and a non-accredited painter … the cheaper price of the non-accredited painter seems to win out every time.

While cheaper, non-accredited painters are certainly capable of doing a fine job, there is little incentive for them to actually do so if they don’t guarantee their work. This is why many painters who win jobs based on quoting the cheapest price will cut corners wherever they can – whether it be in the preparation work they do, or the number of coats.

For example I recently watched four painters working on the repaint of a two story factory unit in a light industrial area, and noted the following:

  • The building wasn’t washed down or sealed.
  • They worked off the ground with “roller poles”
  • They used extension ladders to work off. These are “access” ladders only, and not work platforms.
  • They applied one coat – again evident to the trained eye only.

Undoubtedly the factory owner went for the cheapest price in this instance and to the untrained eye, it will look like a good job. But it’s a paint job that won’t stand any test of time and the factory owner might find himself having to do it again in a few years’ time.

Isn’t it curious that we demand warranties for our cars, appliances and pretty much anything else we buy … but when it comes to paint jobs, they’re not a valued part of the service at all?

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