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Perth “Ugly Duckling” Suburbs Primed for Renos and Profits!

Perth Painters

Perth Painters

Perth’s Renovator Hot List – Get Ready to Sell NOW

They’re not Perth’s A list.  Some of these “ugly ducklings” might even be on most people’s NOPE list, but Perth’s biggest growth right now is in those “out of the way” and “out of vogue” suburbs where you might just own a rental or two.  So is it time to sell your investment property right now?    

Why Perth Painters are talking Property

Painting for profit.  We do a lot of it.  Painting your property is the number one cost vs ROI renovation you can do before selling.  Kitchen and bathroom renovations represent a big cost outlay – but painting?  It’s a cost-effective way to change up your property and deliver superior ROI on sale day.    

Is your property primed for profit?

Giving your Perth property a paint job prior to the open home does a few key things: 

  • Painting gives your home a “new” feel.  Ideal for older properties that feel “tired” when your buyers first enter. 
  • Colour is everything.  Selecting a modern and neutral colour scheme will give your buyers that “contemporary blank canvas” they’re after. 
  • Scrappy paint ruins everything.  Old, chipped, flaking, stained or damaged paint gives an instant impression of neglect.  It triggers buyer barriers, even if no real barriers exist.  What may just be a cosmetic issue may trigger concern about mould, about the age of the property, building materials (will I be removing lead paint from asbestos if I buy this property?) and general upkeep issues. 
  • Street appeal. Street appeal is the second most cost-effective renovation you can do to raise those offers.  Set the scene with a little landscaping against a freshly painted, contemporary backdrop to maximise offers. 

Top Perth property markets primed for profit – just add a lick of paint!

The Perth property market has changed dramatically thanks to two years of working from home and constant disruption to “normal life.”  Just a few years back, Millennials reported “giving up” on the property market. But now, Perth’s outer suburbs and nearby LGAs are BOOMING.  Formerly the “ugly ducks” or too far outer burbs, these areas are full of rentals dying for a little renovation love – and boom time values exceeding 15% growth in the last year. 


So, you’re considering selling your little holiday home?  Yanchep, once the affordable destination for minibreaks or retirement, has become a boom town with modern homes in development and those ‘ugly duckling” 80s boxes selling for unprecedented prices. Now it’s young families buying up their first, or forever homes. For an area so far from Perth, Yanchep boasts all the infrastructure you’ll need, with plenty of schools, shops and transport.  With an 18% increase in property values over the last 12 months, it’s BOOM TIME and time to paint your Yanchep home for sale. 

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Perth Painters

Swan View

Swan View has had some bad press in real estate publications.  Its proximity to the John Forrest National Park triggered investors paying big bucks for properties with views, that sold at a loss…. just prior to its boom.  So, it had that “do not buy” reputation.  Which triggered a 22.7% increase in property values over the last 12 months.  That’s almost three times that of Perth properties. Now everyone wants to snap up affordable property and Swan View has the location, if not the inner city or coastal proximity Perth buyers usually aim for.  But not all Swan View properties overlook sweeping views of greenery.  Most lack that wow factor, the curb side appeal and the contemporary finish that young buyers are hungry for.  That’s where Swan View painters will make ALL the difference to your sale price. 

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Mount Helena

The 1970s called, they want their Mount Helena style back!  Beautifully located, historically rich, plenty of amenities and whopping great blocks, it’s well known for its rugged red beauty and its dirt-cheap properties.  But right now, it’s ON TREND.  For every grand old homestead in Mount Helena, there are a dozen ugly ducklings just waiting to adopt a contemporary colour scheme and some street appeal.  With the property prices booming right now (but indications they may have peaked) this may just be your last chance to take full advantage of Mount Helena’s incredible 24.1% annual growth.   

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Expert painters for profit in Perth

AJ Cochrane and Sons have been around longer than most Perth suburbs. In fact, the family has been painting Perth for nearly a hundred years.  So what?  Well, it means we’ve provided a professional service to Perth families and businesses for generations. Our reputation is gold.  Our paint jobs are superior.  Our prices are reasonable.  When you’re selling a home, you need reliable contractors to ensure the sale goes ahead on time and reaps maximum returns.  That’s what we do. It’s what we’ve done since before your nanna was born.  Talk to us before you start renovating. We’ll help maximise your ROI and turn your investment into a home. 

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