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Deck Paint vs. Stain – Choosing the Right Option for Your Deck 

Deck Paint vs Stain - Choosing the Right Option for Your Deck

Deck Paint vs Stain - Choosing the Right Option for Your Deck

Which is the right option for your deck? Deck Paint vs Stain

Choices, choices… deck paint vs stain. Which should you choose? Let’s face it. Enjoying a cold one on the deck is as Aussie as it comes, with Western Australia’s climate lending itself perfectly to long sunny days entertaining outdoors. As a result, an attractive, well-maintained deck adds significant value to your home, so it’s worth investing in routine maintenance 

Read on to find out which deck finish will best suit your purposes. 

Deck paint

Painting your deck opens up a world of style choices!  


Unlimited colour choices – the look you achieve is limited only by your imagination.  

Paint is forgiving – it can hide flaws in the wood, offering older or less attractive decks a new lease on life. 

Easy maintenance – a professional paint job will protect your deck for around ten years before needing a refresh.  


The character of the wood is hidden – As a natural material, wood has unique characteristics. This will not be visible underneath a layer of paint. 

Paint can trap moisture – As the deck expands and contracts with the weather, moisture can pool or get trapped underneath the paint, leading to chipping and peeling. 

Once a painted deck, always a painted deck – removing paint from your deck is extremely difficult, so if you’ve painted it once, you probably won’t be able to move back to a stain.  

Deck stain

Still tossing up your options – white deck stain vs paint, black paint vs a more natural brown stain, or something else? Let’s consider deck stains.  


You can celebrate your natural wood – vary the level of cover to enhance the natural beauty. 

A less slippery deck – stains maintain more of the natural grip, making them the best choice if safety is a concern. 

Protection from moisture – a quality stain that is professionally applied will help to seal the grain, protecting your deck from wood rot. 


More frequent applications are required – you’ll need to reapply the stain every second year, on average.  

Flaws and cracks will remain visible – a stain is unlikely to be the best choice when reviving an old deck. Splinters and weathering will remain. 

Stains don’t work for every wood variety – some high-quality woods don’t hold a stain well. An untinted wood preservative works better in this case.  

Are you looking for a deck finish that is unmistakably professional? Trust the master painters to do the job! 

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