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You Won’t Even Notice the Work of the Best Painters Perth Has, But You Will the Worst!

Best Painters Perth

Best Painters Perth

You Won’t Even Notice the Best Painter’s Work But You Will the Worst!

While the work of the best painters Perth has to offer might not stand out in a crowd, a bad paint job is very quick to catch the eye.  

A good paint job has an important role to play when it comes to setting the tone for your space, making it look clean, crisp, and high quality. The difference between a good paint job and a bad one has the power to make or break your space.  

So how can you spot the good from the bad when it comes to property painting? 

How to spot a good paint job

The secret to spotting a good paint job is that you might not notice it at all.  

Good painting is supposed to fade into the background, allowing you to focus on the bolder design features of your space. You shouldn’t be able to spot any glaring paint issues that detract from the rest of the room.   

The best painters take measures to ensure that they always achieve a high standard of work and long-lasting results. Paint should be smooth and unfaded with an even finish across all painted surfaces. 

Can you see cracking or peeling paint? Dirt and imperfections in your walls? Uneven paint or colour distribution? If not, chances are that you’re working with a skilled painter who knows the trade well.   

How to spot a bad paint job

On the other hand, a bad paint job is easy to identify. It might even be the first thing you notice when you walk into a room!  

If you’ve had a paint job, you might notice dents, cracks, or other minor imperfections on your walls. Paint may begin to peel or fade quickly, or colours and textures may appear messy and uneven. Paint may also become chalky, wrinkled, or smudged.  

In some cases, a bad paint job can even affect other room features and not just by association.  

A painter who doesn’t remove, cover, or otherwise protect floors, furniture, and other surfaces is likely to leave streaks and spills of paint behind. You might notice paint where it doesn’t belong on skirting boards, window frames, and outlet covers.  

Why good painting is so important

Paint is a strong indicator of quality. When you walk into a room and are struck by a wow factor, it’s likely that you have a good paint job to thank. 

The best painters pay close attention to detail and ensure that they’re not cutting any corners. This is instrumental in creating beautiful spaces that don’t draw the eye in a negative way.  

Ultimately, a good paint job should go largely unnoticed, a quiet achiever. Painting should be well-executed and seamless, allowing the rest of your space to shine.  

Where to find the best painters Perth has to offer

If you’re keen to avoid bad paint jobs, look no further. Having spent over 80 years in the painting business, AJ Cochrane & Sons is home to the best painters Perth has around.  

Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve high-quality painting results for your home or commercial property.  


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