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Painting Pool Side: What’s on Trend and What to Avoid

Australian home with pool - use of painted surfaces poolside to create an impact.

If you’re looking for a way to liven up your outdoor space, a fresh paint job could be the answer!  

By thinking carefully about colour, you can easily create a bright and welcoming atmosphere well suited to entertaining. The right colours will make an impact and set the mood for your home. 

So what is on trend when it comes to painting pool side? Here’s what you need to know. 

Australian home with backyard pool.  Painted surfaces poolside to make an impact.

The latest swimming pool colour trends

Most commonly, swimming pools are blue. This is partially because of the colour’s association with water and the ocean. 

Blue swimming pools also align with the science of pool water. As light strikes water molecules in a swimming pool, they absorb red spectrum wavelengths and reflect back blue light.  

What you might not know is that blue is not as simple as just blue. There are over 50 shades of blue to choose from for your swimming pool! This means that you can always find a shade you’ll love. 

Painting surrounding areas

Looking beyond your pool, it’s important to consider the impact of your outdoor space as a whole.  

A splash of paint can make a big difference to the appearance and appeal of your environment, but you need to choose the right colours to complement your space. 

When painting pool side, it’s a good idea to explore a range of shades and tones, even using samples to get a sense of how different colours might work within your space. 

Generally, it’s best to stick to neutral colours, like black, white, and grey, or choose colours that complement the shade of your pool tiles, like sage green.  

When you plan ahead, you can ensure that you create a welcoming outdoor space that allows you to enjoy days by the pool. 

How to make the right choices

Before you choose pool side paint colours, have a look at your space, and do your research to find out what colours are likely to look most effective. 

Get opinions from your friends and family as you explore a range of colour options, and don’t be afraid to enlist an expert to help you make a strong decision if needed. 

When you’re ready to commit to a colour and start painting, make quality a priority; you want your paint to last, even if it’s exposed to the elements.  

For outdoor painting support, contact AJ Cochrane & Sons, Perth’s preferred painters for more than 90 years.  

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