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Why We’re Western Australia’s In-Demand Industrial Painters

Malaga Factory Unit painted by AJ Cochrane, Perth's industrial painters
Warehouse/factory paint job in Malaga, Western Australia

When it comes to painting on an industrial site, you need experienced professionals. Let’s be honest, as beautiful as the landscape is in Western Australia, there are a lot of remote locations, and the terrain can be particularly challenging.  

But nothing is too challenging for our team – we are dedicated painters, Western Australia born and bred!  

Training and Tools

We have specialist training, and we use specialist tools and equipment to achieve the ideal finish. We will sit down to hear your needs and then outline how we plan to meet them. If you’re looking for dependable, rock-solid industrial painters, look no further. We have experience and are fully insured. We understand that time is money, and we can work to your timeline for completion.  

While many people think anyone can slap a bit of paint on the wall, there is a lot more to the job than that. When you are a prominent business, the paint on your building is the first impression many clients and customers have of you. That brings unique needs which require an industrial painting team to complete the project. We have the skills to provide the finishes you’re looking for and can advise on the right type of coating or paint for your building and business.  

While we’re on-site, we do our best to minimise any disruption to your business. We follow all Occupation Health and Safety guidelines, and we also clean up before we go.  

Factory unit at Hazelmere, Rear

Call the Professionals

If you’re looking for warehouse painters, AJ Cochrane & Sons have been operating in WA for almost a century. As award-winning Master Painters, our accolades include winning Professional Business of the Year, New Construction, Decorative Finishes, and Enviro Painter of the Year. And with such a long history behind us, that’s just a fraction of the awards and commendations we’ve received. Whatever your requirements, we are prepared to exceed your expectations.  

We are uniquely placed to understand your individual needs so that we can make the right recommendations. Our team works hard to remain up to date with the latest methods, products, and equipment to produce high-end finishes for every project. We don’t stick to the same old products and methods year after year – technology moves so quickly and so do we! 

At AJ Cochrane & Sons, our team of industrial painters are experienced in working on commercial projects, industrial sites, and warehouse projects. We are also government painting contractors in WA. No matter how big or small the job, our industrial painting team always works to the highest standards. 

Need experienced industrial painters? Get in touch with our team today!

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