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Semi-Gloss vs Gloss: Which Paint?

Gloss paint on a cutting in brush - semi-gloss v gloss

So you’re thinking of painting your Perth home yourself and you don’t know where to start?  Semi-gloss vs gloss paint is a bigger decision than you think.

Stephen’s Expert Advice:  “For a first-time DIY Renovator, the higher the gloss, the more your mistakes will “show up”.  High gloss paint needs a keen eye for detail as it tends to tell the world every time you “gloss over” an imperfection in the wall.  First timers should be very careful choosing glossy paint”.

Which option is right for your space – gloss or semi-gloss paint? By understanding the differences between semi-gloss and gloss paint, you can make informed painting decisions that help you realise your styling vision and create a home environment you love. Here’s everything you need to know about the choosing between gloss or semi-gloss and whether you are making the right choice.  

Gloss paint on a cutting in brush - semi-gloss v gloss

Advantages of semi-gloss paint

Semi-gloss paint is a great choice for many living spaces. 

This paint option is designed to strike the perfect balance between a matte and sheen finish. Your surfaces won’t be too dull or too shiny.  

One of the greatest advantages of semi-gloss paint is its ability to disguise holes and reduce the appearance of imperfections, as light won’t catch the marks and bumps in your wall. 

For this reason, semi-gloss paint is often favoured for living rooms and bedrooms where you may have chips in the walls from picture frames and daily wear and tear. 

Disadvantages of semi-gloss paint

Be aware, semi-gloss paints also have their disadvantages.  

With less sheen, semi-gloss paints are often more difficult to clean than their glossy counterparts and may be more prone to stains, as well as being less reflective. 

Advantages of gloss paint

Gloss paints are a popular choice, often favoured for kitchen, bathroom, dining, and entry spaces.  

This paint type offers a high sheen with plenty of capacity to reflect the light, easily brightening up a space and making your environment feel fresh and airy.  

Gloss paints are easy to wash and are often more resistant to stains, making them a durable choice for high-traffic areas where surfaces may be subject to dirt and grime. 

This makes gloss paint an ideal option if you’re after paint that will look great and stand the test of time.  

Disadvantages of gloss paint

Like semi-gloss paints, gloss paints do have their limitations.  

With gloss paint, reflectivity may make colours appear darker than intended, so it’s important that you test colours before you paint. Extra reflection of light may also make imperfections, like notches and bumps in your wall, easier to see. 

Making your choice

There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing paint! 

By carefully evaluating your options and understanding your goals, as well as the benefits and limitations of different paint types, you can trust you’ll make the right selection. 

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