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Case Study: Luxury House Painting at Peppermint Grove

Peppermint Grove External

Repainting a Heritage home in Peppermint Grove

We recently had a client in Peppermint Grove reach out looking for house painters. Peppermint Grove is a prestigious suburb and so our clients wanted specialists who could provide a paint job that met the heritage feeling of the home, as well as reflecting the area’s affluence.  

An opulent Peppermint Grove property requires a painting service that offers exceptional attention to detail and the most exacting eye for the perfect finish. With extensive history in painting prestige Perth suburbs, AJ Cochrane and Sons were the right choice for this luxury property.  

Here’s what we did. 

Exterior – Frontage

The client wanted to maintain the original style and look, but it needed to be updated to give the exterior of the home a fresh lift. We achieved this by applying a fresh coat of white paint.  

Peppermint Grove 3

Interior Hallway

The client was keen to retain the wood panelling, but with so many dark colours, they wanted to lighten and brighten the hall while respecting the history. The all-white choice provided the perfect contrast to the dark hardwood flooring.  

Peppermint Grove 6

Interior Lounge

The client was interested in a softer feel in the lounge to tie in the cream and gold colour scheme of the interior décor. As the lounge and dining room adjoin, it was important to the client that there wasn’t a dramatic shift in colour scheme.  

Peppermint Grove 5

Interior Dining

The wood panelling from the hallway carries through to the dining hall, where the client was keen to replicate the look. Opting for the all-white allows for the interior decorating to stand out. With dark woods in the dining table and sideboard, the walls brighten the space.  

Peppermint Grove 4

Exterior – Rear Entry

We carried the client’s brief to maintain the original style and look through the back of the home’s exterior.  

Peppermint Grove 2

Painting Heritage Homes

We have decades of experience working with heritage homes, so we understand the importance of respecting the history of a building. We’ve perfected the balance of adding modern touches to a home whilst maintaining its heritage charm.  

There are important steps to take in preparing any building for a new finish but especially historical homes. Whether it is a heritage-listed site or not, we can preserve your home’s original beauty while giving it a much needed lift. We always ensure our work will complement both your lifestyle, the home, and the area in which you live.  

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