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Top 5 Best Wall Colours for Small Rooms

Best Wall Colours for small rooms

When a homeowner wants to paint a small room, the historical go-to colour has always been white. It feels safe, it feels neutral, and it will do.  

But the good news is you don’t need to stick with white. There are plenty of great colours that are perfect for small rooms. It’s about time you explored the colour wheel – you don’t need to be hemmed into your small, white box anymore.  

Best Wall Colours for small rooms
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Best Wall Colours for Small Rooms

If you are looking for colours that make a small room look bigger, then you have plenty of options that go beyond shades of white.  

  1. Breezy Half  

A moody blue evokes a sense of calm, ties you to the sea, and it can make your small room feel bigger than it is.  

  1. Diorite  

Want to create a tranquil space? You can achieve this with the mid-tone Diorite green. If it’s too dark for your tastes, the slightly lighter Watershed will create the same impact.  

  1. Porcelain  

A subtle pink shade is great for reflecting light, which can make small spaces feel much larger. It also works well with soft blues, greens, and greys.  

  1. Mornington  

If you would prefer to go the dusky pink route, Mornington is the ideal choice. It’s subtle, which is precisely what a small room needs. It also zings when paired with whites.  

  1. Green Alabaster Half  

This is a soft, grey-green shade that pairs well with whites or greens. It’s a great way to introduce colours to a small space.  

Can You Use Dark Colours in Small Rooms?

You can, you just have to be clever with their use. If you want to be bold with a dark colour, then you need to use it sparingly. Rather than creating a feature wall, which can make the room feel smaller, think about geometric shapes to introduce the darker colour, and balance it with shades of white. 

Consider the sheen level for the colour you choose and the space you’re using it in. While the kitchen needs a durable, low sheen finish, skirting boards and doors may benefit from the ease of cleaning that comes with a gloss finish.  

The sheen can impact how your chosen colour appears, so be sure to try a sample before you settle. Semi-gloss or gloss is great for bouncing light, which can be beneficial to use in small rooms, especially if you want to use a darker colour. Likewise, you can use a slick gloss on your ceiling to extend the look.  

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