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Painting Fremantle – The Heritage Building Dilemma

Painting Fremantle - Heritage Buildings

The city of Fremantle is well known for its iconic heritage-built properties. These turn-of-the-century homes are highly coveted. One of the most important aspects of owning such a home is maintaining it and, in some cases, restoring it whilst staying true to the original beauty of the property. For this reason, painting Fremantle heritage buildings is not the average weekend job for a novice home painter. 

Painting Fremantle - Heritage Buildings

Painting Fremantle heritage homes

When you own a heritage listed home, it’s important not to just randomly search for ‘painters Fremantle’ and hope that they know their stuff. If the work isn’t done correctly and with the right paints, it can be a costly job trying to rectify the work that has been done. This is why it’s so important to hire the right person for the job – AJ Cochrane and Sons have experience painting heritage homes both internally and externally.  


Understanding and preserving history

One of the reasons heritage listed homes are so sought after is because they are rich in history, and often that can mean that elements of their appearance, such as particular paint colours, are of the utmost importance when it comes to preservation of the character of the building.  

Some of the colour schemes you will recognise on heritage listed properties include earthy tones, such as dark reds, greens, creams and browns as well as white. The reason these colours were used so heavily in the 1900s is because these were the colours that were easily made from pigments that were readily available during this era.  

Painting a heritage listed home is necessary to ensure its upkeep, and important so as to retain the home’s original character.  


Development of a heritage protected property

It is possible to own a heritage listed home and have development plans approved by the City of Fremantle Council. With 23 listed heritage areas in the catchment, and approximately 2500 heritage listed homesit is important for AJ Cochrane and Sons to have the ability to facilitate paint work to be carried out on your heritage listed home whilst adhering to the Local Planning Scheme for heritage homes.  

Painting Fremantle heritage homes – trust the professionals

AJ Cochrane and Sons specialise in painting and restoring vintage properties, and are careful to comply with laws that ensure the elegance and original beauty of the home are intact, whilst also allowing you to include your own personal sense of style.  As highly reputable painters in Perth, we are in demand, not just down Fremantle way but across Western Australia.  If you need a quality paint finish, that enhances your quality property, talk to AJ Cochrane Painters Perth.

If you own a heritage-listed property and are looking for paintersFremantle specialists AJ Cochrane and Sons can help. Contact us for a quote today. 


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