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Bold Exterior Paint Colours – Yes or No for Business?

Bold Exterior Paint Colours for Business

Street appeal for a business is crucial for brand image. Learn which bold exterior paint colours are the ones to consider to create a lasting first impression

Street appeal for a business is crucial for brand image and first impressions. But are bold exterior paint colours the way to go for a business to stand out? What colours should be used and how can a business make their bold choice work in their favour? 

Bold or simple?

The question any business needs to ask is what is the purpose of the building?  

Is the property a site where customers come to visit like a café or shop front?  Or is the heart of your business where the administration is conducted? Maybe your work building is a mix of both?

A bold exterior paint colour can make a building stand out from the others down the street. It can also make it easy to locate when driving through a densely populated area. 

A bold exterior paint colour can have a positive effect on an employee and can suggest a fun work environment. 

For customers, it can be a visual imprint of a cool place to visit and shop at. 

The exterior paint you choose for your building will need to relate to your brand and the vibe of your business. 

What’s the vibe of your brand?

Another consideration is the vibe of your business brand. 

A bold colour suggests your company wants to stand out from the crowd. You’re a business not afraid to take risks. 

It’s important to remember the exterior look of your building is a visual representation of what your business stands for. 

If your business is laidback or is known for being upmarket, a bold exterior colour may not attract the right clientele. It may not pair well with the branding of your business. 

One way to create cohesion between brand and exterior building colours is to look at the colour used for your logo. 

If your logo is black and white, opt for this exterior colour scheme for your building. 

But if your logo is bright, why not incorporate one of the colours on the exterior of your property? 

Bold exterior paint colours on-trend

First impressions count when it comes to choosing an exterior paint colour. The trends in exterior paints can vary year to year, but for 2020 the colours to choose range from black to deep blues and greens and earthy colours with reds and beige. 

It may be too overwhelming to paint the exterior of your business building one colour. Why not consider painting the front door instead. It will be less intimidating and can easily be changed. 

How to get a quality finish

If you want your building to stand out for the right reasons, get the exterior walls of your building painted by a professional. 

AJ Cochrane & Sons are quality painters who have been painting exteriors for generations.  We are Certified Dulux Painters which means our work is not just guaranteed by our brand name, but also by Dulux too.

If you’re unsure of what exterior paint to choose for your business, be sure to book a colour consultation


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