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Painting Exterior Brick? It’s a Risky Reno! Tread Carefully

Painting exterior brick

If painting exterior brick homes has become the topic of your research due to planning a home renovation, you’re on the right post. 

Painting the exterior of any brick home can update the curb appeal immediately and it can be a cost-effective refresh.  

Not only will it improve the visual appearance of your home, it can also protect it from seasonal weather changes and make it easier for external cleaning during home maintenance.  

But there are cautions to be aware of when painting a brick home. This external treatment is recommended to be done by a professional painter.

Here’s what you need to consider before you start slapping some paint on your brick home. 

Painting exterior brick

What are the top DIY mistakes when painting a brick home?

Most property owners will attempt to paint the exterior brick themselves without researching the type of bricks used to build their home. 

Knowing the type of bricks will ensure adequate preparation for the bricks to be painted. 

There is a world of difference between painting common bricks and face bricks.

What are common bricks?

Common bricks have rough or grooved edges that require a bit of preparation to make them look good when painted. These bricks are often cheaper bricks. 

If not primed correctly, (these bricks will require a double prime), it can be difficult to maintain a consistent colour as the paint can soak into grooves causing dark and light patches.  

What are face bricks?

Face bricks are more expensive bricks with a smooth surface and appearance. They are the easiest to prepare for a paint job. Usually one coat of primer is sufficient.

Bricks will have various surface finishes which requires a bit of know-how with preparation and painting technique. 

The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is to NOT research what type of brick they have in their home and not preparing the brick adequately before painting. 

What’s the best paint for exterior brick?

Bricks are porous so they will need a primer first and a hiqh quality exterior paint suitable for bricks and cement. Choose the best quality paint you can afford.  Exterior paints are designed to withstand outdoor elements like UV rays which can cause the colour to fade. 

Is it better to paint or stain exterior brick?

Another alternative to changing the exterior colour of your brick home is to stain the bricks. 

Staining allows the bricks to breathe. It’s often the most preferable way to change a brick colour as it doesn’t lock in moisture like painting will. 

When the bricks can release moisture, it will prevent blistering, chipping and peeling of the exterior paint surface. 

How long does painted brick last?

Painted brick homes need to be repainted every 5-7 years. This can be dependent on exposure to sun and rain. 

Regular maintenance is required to pressure clean the painted surface to prevent mildew, dirt and other debris which can accumulate on the surface. 

Does painting exterior brick devalue your home or do these homes sell better?

A well- executed painted brick home will certainly draw in buyers due to its modernisation. This can make it more appealing and therefore prompt an emotional purchase from the buyer. It can be argued painting a brick home can increase the value of your home.

However, it can be dependent on the type of brick home and what the buyer prefers. If a 100-year-old colonial brick home had its exterior walls painted, it could be a deterrent as it hasn’t been preserved with its original features. 

The most successful paint jobs have been done on 1980’s brick homes which were in dire need of an update. 

Engaging a professional exterior painter is the best approach when painting your brick home. It will remove the research needed for preparation and you can also be guaranteed a job well done as opposed to a DIY disaster. Let’s remember this is the exterior of the home. No one can un-see when an exterior paint job has gone wrong.

If you want a flawless finish, why not get in touch with our team to arrange a quote.

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