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Grey Exterior Paint is Officially Out – Here’s What’s Next!

Grey External Paint - Hamptons Paint Colours are on their Way Out! Here's What's Next!

Grey.  It’s been the colour de jour in external house paint for some time now.  Blame the “oh so popular” Hamptons trend or the minimalists – grey had its time on our streets for a nearly a decade but it’s time for a change.  External house colour trends don’t change as often as internal and the grey trend has been kind to homeowners.  It’s hung around long enough for those early grey adoptors to be ready for a ten-year paint refresh.

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Grey External Paint - Hamptons Paint Colours are on their Way Out! Here's What's Next!

When it’s time to sell your home, a “recently unhip” colour speaks volumes.  Having a home that doesn’t present “wow factor” at first glance can immediately eliminate a good portion of buyers.  If you’re selling in a trendy Perth area in one of those “A List” Freemantle suburbs, outdated interior and exterior design could cost you, literally, hundreds of thousands in sale price.

But…all the top listed properties have grey exteriors?

It’s true.  Do any search of real estate in Perth and you’ll see the top-listed properties all have grey exteriors.  All of them.  This is one of the big complaints of the design and decorator industries, our suburbs have been dulled down by the great grey walls.  This is what has triggered the groundswell of movement away from grey exteriors.  Take a closer look though.  The top “on-trend” Perth and Fremantle suburbs (not to mention Sydney and Melbourne) have had some detail work done to tone down the grey.  Without doing a complete repaint, you’ll see that at the very least, they’ve added whites and creams to break up the monotony.  This is the first step away from grey and towards new, on-trend exterior colour palettes.

How to gently step away from grey


To avoid the full cost of renovation before selling, introduce some warm whites and earthier grey-browns.  White on White is by far Dulux’s most in-demand interior colour right now but earthier, creamier whites are fast replacing those stark whites of the Hampton’s trend.  By implementing more exterior white to trims, doors, masonry, and even single exterior walls, you’ll break up that “ho-hum” grey feeling.

The new “on-trend” colours for both interior and exterior paints can also help you to introduce the next trend by interweaving some of their bold new hues into your existing grey palette.  Most of the new on-trend schemes contain some elements of the Hamptons style to use as building blocks for your new colour themes.

What’s next?

There’s always a ‘next big thing” in home decor.  Our interior decorator is ALWAYS asked, what’s next?  The big trends on the horizon for exterior and interior paint are a rejection of the minimalism of the 2010s.  How far you want to reject them, is up to you.

Go Bold – Hamptons Blue Hues

Dulux Bold Colours

Bright, bold, and blue?  For those evolving their love of Hamptons colour schemes, this is the duck egg blue shades that everyone loved as highlights on vases and conversational pieces.  You have to love it a whole lot to paint your whole exterior in bold blue but that’s one of the trends on the horizon.  Bold patterns, furniture and feature walls in blue hues with mustards/ochres and foresty greens.  You’d be forgiven for feeling like you’d fallen through a worm hole to the 90s but here we are.

See More on the Dulux Site.

Go Opulent: Turning up the Luxe

Opulent Colour Trends

Snuggle up next to the fire in your Colorado ski loft.  Combining warm, soft pinks and bold deep red shades again echoes a touch of the 80s and 90s.  This is a bold colour scheme to adopt, both internally and externally and can easily fall flat if you’re not getting the right colour matching advice.  Our Interior Decorator (and we’re 100% Dulux certified) can help you to choose the right balance of bold and beautiful.

See more of this colour scheme here.

Cool, Clean and Green

Cool Colour Schemes - What's on trend now that grey is out

It’s cool to be green.  In fact, it’s calm.  It’s pleasant. It’s also one of the next big trends.  Yes, there it is again, that retro look.  That sage and jade made famous by 90s colour schemes.  This time paired with more purple than maroon, with warmer neutrals than those bright cool whites of the 90s.  Again, this is not a subtle colour scheme.  Unlike those simple greys and whites of the Hampton’s era, this needs a keen eye to make it work.  Don’t try this at home – without some professional supervision!

See this colour scheme in action.

But the most on-trend colour scheme this year?  It’s MAGNIFICENT!

Earthy tones

It’s beautiful.  It’s got all the elegance of the Hamptons with none of the limitations of such a narrow colour scheme.  We ADORE this one and we’re so happy to see it come on-trend with such a passion.  The tones are earthy.  The feel is natural, subtle and desirable.  If you’re planning to sell your home in the next five years, THIS is the colour scheme.  While the others are bold and beautiful, this scheme is neutral and that’s always a big plus for buyers.  Selling a home in the bright bold schemes above could prove tricky – even if they’re everything you love.  This is the palette for sellers.  This is the elegant palette for the next decade has arrived.

It may not look much in a paint chart but check out this beautiful combination in action here.  Check out some beautiful interior looks too.

Time to refresh your exterior paint colour scheme?

As professional house painters Perth based AJ Cochrane & Sons offer a certified interior decorator service to help you get your new colour scheme just right.  Interior or exterior, your colour scheme will impact the livability of your home and that all-important sale price in the future.  We’re Dulux Paint partners, which gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that the leading paint company in Australia certifies our workmanship.  Like all painting projects, the finish is in the prep.  We prepare your home for a beautiful finish long before we pick up the brush and our long list of award-winning paint jobs guarantees you’ll be delighted.  If you’re going to make the leap beyond grey, do it right, with AJ Cochrane.

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