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How Will Proposed Registration Changes Impact Consumers Looking for Qualified Perth Painters?

Qualified Painter Perth, painting interior of home with white paint

Western Australia has one of the best systems for regulating the painting industry in Australia and revisions to the rules for registration for painters are a rare occurrence. So though the current system is responsible for the industry’s high standards, news of the proposed changes had many hoping this would be an opportunity to make improvements. 

Qualified Painter Perth, painting interior of home with white paint

However, there is a concern in the industry that the proposed changes are not aimed at improving standards, technical skill requirements, or the safety of both painters and the general public. How could these changes impact consumers looking for qualified Perth painters

Why is a registered and qualified Perth painter important?

Registered painters in WA are highly experienced and skilled, known for our professionalism and high standards when compared to other states in Australia.  

To be registered as a painter and decorator in Perth, a minimum of four years of full-time experience is required before any other study or qualifications are even considered.  

Will additional red tape really help consumers?

As part of the proposed changes put forward by The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety, apprentices may be forced to study a unit on estimating twice. In a time when the state is experiencing a shortage of skilled tradespeople including painters, is requiring apprentices to spend extra time and money redoing subjects they have already completed really the best approach? 

Additionally, employing fully qualified and highly experienced painters from interstate will be affected. Instead of having their high skill set and national qualifications recognised, the proposed changes will require most painters who got qualified interstate to pay extra to be reassessed in exactly the same qualification. This will surely deter experienced painters from attractive positions in WA which is a loss for the painting industry. It also impacts consumers looking for highly experienced and qualified painters in Perth and across the state.  

A question of safety

Of most significant concern, the proposals don’t address one of the pathways to registration that the National Painting & Decorating Institute has identified as problematic. Set 2 Pathway allows painters to become registered in the industry without being trained and qualified in the crucial areas of:  

  • Working At Heights 
  • Lead Paint Removal 
  • Asbestos Encapsulation 

Without adequate training in these high risk activities, the safety of painters and consumers as well as the wider public is compromised. Commercial painting and older house renovations are especially vulnerable to these safety risks. 

AJ Cochrane & Sons Qualified Painter, painting Perth commercial building at height - safety is a priority

Protecting the industry and consumers  

We want to see our industry continue to thrive and grow, with regulations that ensure the highest level of training, and give WA the ability to attract the very best painters from across the country. And of course, any proposed changes should aim to directly address safety concerns and raise technical skill requirements. Our tradespeople and our customers deserve nothing less. 

We’re the Qualified Painters Perth Trusts 

With 90 years of experience, AJ Cochrane & Sons is proud to be part of WA’s painting industry and are committed to maintaining the professionalism it’s known for. When it comes to qualified painters, Perth consumers can rely on our experienced team to offer the highest level of workmanship, stringent safe work practices, and exceptional customer service. Get in touch to discuss your next project. 

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