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Commercial Painting Key to Improving Street Appeal and Individual Property Values in Perth

Perth commercial property painting job - improving street appeal and property values

First impressions count. The street appeal of your commercial property could make the difference between a customer choosing to engage your services. For example, if the first appearance of your commercial property is tired or dated, prospective customers may see this as a reflection of your business. It might be time to consider refreshing your building and brand with a professional commercial painter and decorator in Perth, such as AJ Cochrane & Sons

Freshly painted commercial property in Perth, adding to street appeal and property value.

Improve the impression of your company and brand

Providing superior quality services will only matter if you can get someone across the threshold to discuss their needs. It’s time to consider whether your Perth commercial property’s street appeal is alienating potential customers.  

Neglecting the appearance of your property could cost your business. Apart from giving a great first impression, there are a few not-so-obvious benefits of refreshing your commercial business with a modern paint job.  

Commercial property street appeal and the flow on effect on property prices

Refreshing the appearance of your commercial property can benefit the suburb as a whole. By engaging Perth commercial property painters to revitalise the exterior appearance of your business, you can increase the aesthetic appeal of the area as a whole and attract more visitors to your shopping precinct. 

Often there is a flow-on effect that inspires surrounding businesses to give their street appeal some attention. This increases the appeal of the neighbourhood, the suburb, and in turn, the value of the properties.  

Perth commercial property painting job - improving street appeal and property values
Perth commerical property painting – Inglewood Apartments painted by AJ Cochrane & Sons

Improving street appeal and the value of your commercial investment property

Improving your commercial investment property’s street appeal benefits the wider suburb. A more attractive commercial precinct can drive greater demand to the area, increasing the value of your property and rental prices. A great way to do this is anti-graffiti coating, which we do.

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to immediately boost street appeal is with a professional exterior paint refresh. Choose an experienced commercial painter who understands current trends as well as painting for longevity. A great way to ensure that the painter suits you and your needs is to consider these 5 things before you choose a painter: experience, references, licensed and insured, quotes and contracts, and flexible work schedules.

Protect your investment for years of use

Owning a commercial property can be a significant investment, so look after it and watch the value increase. Choose a commercial painter who understands how to paint exteriors to withstand Perth’s harsh weather, like AJ Cochrane & Sons.  

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