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Three Key Painting Services Perth Businesses Should Know About 

Painting Services Perth businesses request

Which Painting Services Do Perth Businesses Need?

AJ Cochrane & Sons know Perth businesses. Painters for close to 90 years (with full Dulux accreditation), our work can be seen everywhere you look. Quality finish, attention to detail, seamless restoration and the type of work that makes you stop in your tracks to appreciate a job well done – these are our calling cards.  

There’s something about walking into (or working out of) an AJ Cochrane & Sons painted building. A good job done well can blend into the background and really make a building sing. No mistakes, no flaws, just pure beauty. Heritage listed sites and restorations, mining sites, commercial enterprises and retail – we’ve dipped our brush into every pot and come out shining. So read on to discover which painting services Perth businesses are requesting to help them stand out from the crowd. 

Painting Services Perth businesses request

The Top Three Painting Services Perth Businesses Request

Here is what people are looking for and how we can help you. 

Office and Shop Fit Out Painting Services

We specialise in providing a fresh, clean slate for a new business. The team will work closely with you to determine the ‘look’ you are going for and how to translate that into a paint job that will attract your desired customer base.  

Contractual Retail Renovation Painting Services

If you are leasing within a shopping centre, you are required to refresh your store periodically during your tenancy. We’ll help you update your premises to continue welcoming your current customer base as well as attracting new clients through your doors.  

This refurbishment will see your business shine within the confines of your larger commercial space. An upbeat and refreshed look ensures your business stands out from competitors. It is also a simple way to modernise the space and ensure your premises always looks professional.    

Major Renovations

The real estate market is currently fluctuating – something you know all too well as a business owner! Commercial spaces can be painted up during these tumultuous times alongside major renovation projects to attract commercial tenants whose businesses will soar within a new industry climate. Perth is quickly becoming a global destination so it’s time to strike while the iron is hot.  

Painting Services in Perth

Could your Perth business benefit from an aesthetic overhaul? Start with fresh paint! Our team specialises in attention to detail, a fixed and reliable quoting system, and the kind of service that you would expect from a business that has been in Perth for close to a century. 

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