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Fence Paint Colours – Why the White Picket isn’t for Everyone! 

Fence Colours - The white picket fence isn't for everyone


Bored of the white picket fence? Time to consider other fence colours.

Gone are the days when picking fence colours meant defaulting to the solid, predictable white picket.  

Choosing a fence colour is far more important than you may expect, because your fence frames your house. A great choice can add value to your property, share some personality and create an inviting living space. Just as well there are some exciting colour palettes trending now to choose from!

Fence Colours - The white picket fence isn't for everyone

Get creative with fence colours

The latest design trends are out and ready to inspire a colour choice that perfectly complements your home – with a dash of personality thrown in for good measure.  

What’s trending: Fence colour ideas for 2022 and beyond

Say goodbye to dull grey and predictable white with one of these attractive fence palettes. 

Go dark

You may have noticed a black fence popping up here and there. Bold, modern and attention-getting, a black fence adds instant style to your property.  

Perfect for creating a distinct property boundary, use black if you’re keen to create your own private garden haven. Add some lush green plantings to double the impact. A black fence enhances lighter paved areas and works well with wooden planter boxes or feature panels.  

Keen for some colour? A black fence is the perfect background to enhance bright blooms or fun furniture.  

And if you’re keen to go dark but not ready to jump in with a pure black, choose a warm, rich grey tone, which is the grown-up, modern take on the grey trend.  



Go bright

If a splash of fun is what you need, you’ll be happy to know that bright and happy is in fashion.  

Choose a colour that complements your property and makes you smile. Think about how the colour will look alongside your house, the neighborhood and your garden plantings. Avoid clashing colours to make this trend work. 

If you’d prefer to dip your toe in, consider a bright feature section highlighting an entryway, pool area or play area.  

Celebrate Australia

This more subtle palette pays tribute to the colours of the Australian landscape. Think eucalyptus green, soft pink or sea blue. Pale green is a very popular choice for coastal properties right now. 

These colours are distinctive enough to reinvigorate the appearance of your property while also perfectly at home in the greater environment you live in.  

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