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Dulux Steriguard – for painting clinical environments

Steriguard paint by Dulux is ideal for clinical interiors
Steriguard paint by Dulux is ideal for clinical interiors

Until very recent times, Australia has lagged behind the rest of world in producing a chemical resistant paint. With its technology partners Dulux have developed three applications all with the following attributes:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Durability
  • Aesthetic benefit
  • Low odour
  • Low VOC

The Steriguard range of paints are exceedingly resistant to abrasive chemicals, and have been designed to be used in clinical or high traffic environments, ensuring microscopic germs are kept at a minimum.

Here’s a breakdown of the range:

SteriGuard Durable Acrylic Low Sheen

This low sheen paint is appropriate for many types of facilities, general clinical areas, hospital wards, waiting rooms, prisons and sports facilities.  This superior water based paint is hard wearing and chemical resistance and when combined with a clinical cleaning program, assists with keeping bacteria and germs at bay. It is good to know Acrylic Low Sheen also meets the Green Building Council Australia guidelines for low VOC content. Low VOC contents ensures good air quality, causing minimum disruption to staff and patients.

Steriguard Durable Acrylic Water Based Enamel

This water based enamel is used on doors, windows and trim areas, internally and externally. It is available in both semi and full gloss. Doors in Health Facilities are being constantly opened and closed which makes the use of  Steriguard Acrylic Enamel more important than ever. This long lasting paint is much easier to clean and maintain.

Steriguard Ultra

Steriguard Ultra is definitely the toughest paint around. When mixed with Bayhydrol Water Based Technology from Bayer Material Science it has the capacity to withstand the most intense scrubbing. Ultra is fast drying and, when supported by a good cleaning schedule, ensures mould and mildew growth will be kept at a minimum.

If you’re looking at getting your health facility painted, it’s worth having a chat with us about the long-term benefits of using these paints to do so.

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