{Colours of Perth} Gorgeous Gumnuts


Is there anything more ‘Aussie’ than a gumnut? And how about these perfect specimens I found in the front yard of a neighbour. (Hopefully said neighbours weren’t too freaked out by a strange girl leaning precariously over their front fence trying to get the perfect angle on her gumnut photo!)

Capturing the silvery highlights of the actual gumnuts in this photo ended up being beyond the capabilities of myself and my graphics program so in the end I had to retreat back to the stronger tones of the leaves and the stem. The strength of all these darker shades means these colours are best suited to the outdoors. And if you’re thinking you’ve seen these colours somewhere before, then you’re right. Because they are very reminiscent of any Federation style house you see in Australia … as well as any contemporary Colorbond fence and roofing colour chips!

So if you’re looking to Aussify your outdoor colour scheme … this would be a great place to start!

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