{Colours of Perth} Calm Blue Ocean


Is it just me or has this been a really wintry winter here in Perth?

I don’t think it’s just me. Usually we get many (cold) days of big blue skies interspersed with the odd bit of rain here and there. But right now it seems we’re getting many days of rain upon rain upon grey skies, interspersed with the odd day of blue.

And what that means is, I find myself dreaming of summer. Like this day in December last year where we had the privilege of heading over to Carnac Island on a 40 degree day. While everyone else I knew was hunkering down underneath an air conditioner, we were treated to nature’s air conditioner in the form of the cool breeze coming off the beautiful teal waters.

And seriously – how beautiful is this colour palette. I realise I may be biased because teal is my favourite colour bar none … but how wonderfully calming it is to immerse oneself in these gorgeous shades?!


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