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The Body Corporate Painters Perth Trusts

Strata and Body Corporate painting job in Perth by AJ Cochrane & Sons

Been a Perth body corporate member for a while and noticed that spaces need updating? Odds are that your residents or visitors will notice too. No one wants to live in a townhouse or apartment complex that looks rundown. The best and easiest way to freshen a place up and boost its aesthetic appeal is with a new coat of paint!

Stephen’s Expert Advice: As a member a body corporate, you are responsible for the structures and liveability of the area. Part of this is having beautiful properties and communal spaces that appeal to your residents. When you decide to do any upgrades, my team and I are sure to do a clean, efficient and high-quality job with minimal disruption. After all, your current resident’s experience or future resident’s interest will reflect on you. After doing hundreds of paint jobs over multiple decades, trust me, you need professional and experienced painters on your team.

We know that being a body corporate member can be stressful. Keeping residents happy, settled and undisturbed while maintaining the property and adding value requires diplomacy and experience. Having quality body corporate painters you can rely on can make your job undeniably easier.

Strata and Body Corporate painting job in Perth by AJ Cochrane & Sons

Attract Quality Residents with Professional Body Corporate Painters

There are many ways to improve the value of a building – and ensuring the external appearance is well-maintained is a great place to start. Curb appeal can raise the value of a property from 5.5% to 12%, and residents are much more likely to invest money in a property that looks fresh and modern.

So isn’t it time you invested in an experienced body corporate painter?

How to choose the right body corporate painters

Choosing the right body corporate painters in Perth can be the difference between a professional and efficient project with a brilliant finished result, and an ongoing sequence of headaches!

Don’t be swayed by the cheapest quote. Not all painters are created equal – and not all painters understand how to juggle a complex body corporate project.

You’ll want to ensure the painter you choose has the expertise and experience needed.

Park Terrace body coporate painting job by AJ Cochrane & Sons Painters

What makes a good body corporate painter?

Before you lock in your body corporate painter, here are some things to consider.

Proven Body Corporate Painting Experience

Body corporate painting requires a particular skillset including effective project management and communication, painting at heights, and minimising disruption to tenants.

Professionalism and Project Timeframes

Ensure the contractors you invite onto your property are experienced Perth painters with a clear plan for the project. Their aim should be to complete the project as efficiently as possible to minimise disruption to residents and to always ensure safety. Respectful, courteous, and professional tradies can be the difference between lots of resident complaints and none.

Quality and Expertise

Choose a body corporate painter who has the expertise to provide a quality finish that withstands the Perth climate. Don’t underestimate the importance of curb appeal on the perceived value of your Perth building.

Portfolio and Testimonials

Take the time to view previous projects – have they worked on projects like body corporate painting before? What calibre of clients do they work with and what testimonials are those clients leaving?

Licences and Qualifications

Choose a Perth painter with all the necessary licences and qualifications to ensure a high-quality finish – and to protect residents and the body corporate. Have you checked the Master Painters & Decorators Association list of members to confirm you are engaging a master painter?

Choose the body corporate painters Perth trusts

AJ Cochrane and Sons have been the painters Perth relies upon for almost 100 years. From stunning heritage-listed homes to enormous industrial buildings in the WA desert, there’s nothing we haven’t painted!

For a smooth, hassle-free body corporate painting project and a quality finish that instantly elevates the street appeal of your building, get in touch with our team today.

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