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Office Painting – The Right Painting Contractor Will Save You!

Office space freshly painted by commercial painters
Office space freshly painted by painting contractor

What to Look for in a Commercial Painting Contractor for Office Spaces

Planning to refurbish your Perth business and looking to select the right commercial painting contractor? An office space is probably the number one place where having high-quality paintwork and professional tradespeople are non-negotiable.

Stephen’s Expert Advice: Work environments have a standard for professionalism, meaning that everyone walking in and out needs to present and act professionally. You want your employees to work without being disrupted and your clients to have a good impression of the business. That’s why you should hire experienced contractors like us. AJ Cochrane & Sons have been in the commercial painting trade for decades. I’m committed to training our employees thoroughly and make sure that they comply with all regulations and guidelines – all while maintaining a professional standard. Take my advice and give us a call!

Don’t underestimate the importance of a painter that understands how crucial it is to keep up the professional appearance of the office throughout the painting process. We understand that your clients’ impression of your company extends to contractors in your offices. Having renovations and maintenance conducted in your office can be extremely stressful if you choose commercial painters who lack experience or professionalism.

Why choose a professional and experienced commercial contract painter?

The only thing tackier than drying paint is tradespeople that are unprofessional in appearance and in behaviour such as swearing and creating noise and constant disruption for your staff. Contractors leaving a messy workspace and not respecting the professional tone of your office can have a negative impact, giving clients the wrong impression of YOUR business. If you have clients attending the office, you want your contracted painters to be as welcoming, polite and professional as any member of your team and act according to the high values of your company. So, remember to consider these 5 things when choosing a painter: experience, references, licensed and insured, quotes and contracts, and flexible work schedules. 

When you choose Master Painters, AJ Cochrane & Sons as your painting contractor, the only impression our employees leave is of an exceptional paint job and a workspace as clean as when we entered it.  

Freshly painted office in red and grey by AJ Cochrane Commercial Painters, Perth

Why we’re the commercial painters Perth businesses rely on

As residential, commercial, and maintenance painters with 90 years of experience in the industry, we have extensive knowledge in the occupational health and safety hazards of the material we use. We treat the safety of your staff and clients as our highest priority.  

We use the highest quality paints and products and know which products are safe to use in closed spaces. We ensure there is adequate ventilation if your staff are present during our painting process.  We can even offer expert advice on paint colours for psychological benefits – it’s all part of our interior decorator service.

At AJ Cochrane & Sons, we know the paints we are using intimately. Our thorough knowledge of the safety requirements and expectations have been gained with decades of experience and meticulous attention to detail. Our commercial painters provide maximum skill for a perfect finish with minimal interruption to you and your colleagues.  

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