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The ideal conditions for painting + a ripper new colour palette

This weekend in Western Australia is the WA Day (previously Foundation Day) long weekend. And for the kids at the school my son attends, it’s an extra long weekend because they have Friday off as well as Monday thanks to a school development day.

One of my fellow school mums mentioned that, inspired by this winter succulent colour palette, they might be using the extra long weekend to do some painting.

It occurred to me that all the rain and cool weather we’re having at the moment might make that plan a little difficult so I thought I’d research some tips for her for painting in Perth’s current weather conditions.

Then the AJ Cochrane team informed me that actually, this weekend in one of the best times to do some interior painting.

The ideal conditions for painting are a day with:

  • Temperature between 15°C and 30°C
  • Humidity between 20% and 80%
  • Little or no wind
  • Slightly overcast sky

Which pretty much describes the weather we are having right now. So if you’re planning on doing some painting on this cool and overcast WA Day long weekend … you’ve chosen well!

Just because this weekend is going to be a bit grey however, that doesn’t mean your colour palette has to be grey too. My sister used these beautiful colours when decorating for my mum’s 60th last weekend so I just had to create a palette from them.

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