{Colours of Perth} Swan River Dusk


I love Matilda Bay.

I went to university at UWA so I’ve spent countless hours down there both chilling out, enjoying a quiet drink on a picnic blanket, as well as pounding its pavements on many an afternoon run. I’ve been to weddings there, I’ve raced triathlons there.

In fact, every time I think of doing a triathlon down there I am taken back to a Matilda Bay race where I caught a whiff of ‘sausages on the barbie’ just as I was in the middle of sprinting for the finish line. Ohhhhh my goodness, that is not a smell you want to hit your nostrils right when you’re at your athletic limit. Trust me!

Those days are well behind me however.

Nowadays Matilda Bay is a gorgeous place to take our little family. The kids can paddle in the shallow waters, squeal when they step on a jellyfish marooned on the beach, and munch on chips from the tearooms.

The picture above was taken at the end of a beautiful, still afternoon doing just that. The weather was warm but it was cool in the shade. Unusually for a Perth summer’s afternoon, there was only the hint of a breeze. The company on this particular afternoon was delightful.

Just as we were about to hop in the car I noticed the moon, suspended like a pendant light above the trees across the river. The sky was painted in soft pastels and the whole scene was straight out of an oil painting.

I am not usually one for pastel shades, but on this particular evening, they worked a treat.

So this Swan River Dusk palette is easily the most muted you will ever see from me. But there is certainly an understated beauty to it that I love.

Are you a Perth local? Do you have some great Matilda Bay memories (past or present)?

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