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7 small styling tips that will make a big difference to your home

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When it comes to styling your home, personal choice always plays a big factor. But there are some acknowledged ‘rules’ that apply to every situation – tiny tweaks that will make a big difference.

1. Watch with the cushions!

Cushions are great. They add colour and softness to a room but, oh dear, how many is too many? When you start having to fight your way through a pile of cushions just to sit down, then having to re-arrange them after you get up, it’s time to put a few away in the cupboard!

2. Wall Art – get the height and space right

Ever found yourself looking at a piece of art on the wall and feeling a little … ugh? More than likely it’s because a large piece of work has been crammed into too small a space, or vice versa, or, the height the artwork’s been hung at is all wrong. Ensure your wall art is at eye level and its edges have good clearance from the ceiling and on the sides. This will have a huge impact on how your room feels.

3. Rug size

In the same way a piece of artwork needs to be the right size for the wall it’s on, so too do your rugs need to be the right size for the room and situation they’re in. If in doubt, think larger rather than smaller. It’s better to have furniture sitting over the edges of a rug than to have one floating aimlessly in the middle of a room. If you are placing a rug under your bed, it should extend from the head of the bed to a least a metre away from the base of the bed.

4. Lighting – get it right

The days of sticking a single bulb in the middle of a room and putting a shade over the top are long gone. The lovely clean lines of downlights are in, and are actually effective when it comes to lighting a room too. If you want to add a little warmth, use warm tone in the LEDs or invest in some lamps. Dimmers are also great for softening bright light.

5. Don’t be afraid of colour

Neutral colours schemes in homes is quite common these days. And it’s probably the safest option. But it means all our homes start to look the same. Any lacklustre room can be transformed with a pop of colour via cushions and vases. The beauty of adding colour this way is that you can quickly and easily change the scheme when you get bored, or in line with the seasons.

6. Keep a lid on the knickknacks

Too many souvenirs and bits and bobs on display quickly creates a cluttered look and adds unnecessary tension to a room. A small selection of valued ornaments will always look amazing especially when grouped together. Try showcasing a few at a time, that way you will never tire of them.

7. Experiment with your furniture arrangement

Pushing sofas against walls does make the room feel very formal, and less intimate. In a small room it is less important. It is worth experimenting: move the sofas out a small amount. It should create better flow and warmth in the room, if not push them back again.

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