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4 Reasons Why Choosing a Professional Painter Over DIY Makes Good Sense

Professional Painter
Professional Painter

There are always pros and cons around whether you should do a DIY painting project or leave it to a professional. We all think we can paint, but there is a whole lot more it to splashing a bit of colour around.

While we’ll admit we are biased, we do think there are four very sound reasons why you should consider a professional painting contractor:

1. DIY is stressful

If there’s a bit of stress in your life right now, we can assure you, a DIY painting project is not going to help with that. Most people don’t realise how much preparation happens before you can actually dip a brush in paint and start applying it to the wall. Patching, sanding and replacing damaged wood is time-consuming, messy and not very gratifying work! Not only will a professional painter do a better job of the preparation process than you, they’ll do it in half the time.

2. Painting is a skilled trade

While it does seem the possession of hands means one is qualified to wield a brush, painting is a trade that people spend years apprenticing in. There are subtleties to a great paint job (one that lasts for years) that go beyond the ability to cut in cleanly and ensure there are no paint drips showing anywhere.

3. Painting can be dangerous

If you’ve ever balanced precariously on a chair attempting to reach an awkward spot or wondered how on earth you’re going to reach ‘that’ bit at the top of the stairwell … then you’ll know how important it is to have the right equipment and training for the job. People have hurt themselves painting their houses. And remember, unlike a professional painter, you don’t have professional indemnity insurance. If a friend or family member is helping you paint your house and they seriously injure themselves, you could be in a spot of bother.

4. Painting is an investment, not an expense

It’s too easy to look at professional painting as an expense. But, if you’ve ever tried to rent or sell a house in a tight market, you’ll know that a professional paint job is a very worthwhile investment indeed.

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