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Renovating for Capital Growth? Here’s How We Can Help 

A fresh coat of paint is a good investment for capital growth
A fresh coat of paint is a good investment for capital growth
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If you want to get the best possible value for your property, renovating is the key to achieving capital growth! But how should you get started? 

Unfortunately, many property owners make the mistake of thinking that renovation has to mean a complete overhaul of your property. However, some of the best value can be achieved for a fraction of the cost with just a simple home makeover.  

If your sights are set on incredible capital growth, find out how you can secure value for your property in no time. 

Preparing to earn

Before you put your home on the market, it’s important to understand today’s market conditions and how this might influence property value.  

Right now, the property market is changing rapidly which means that prices can be a little unpredictable. Recently, property prices have been on the rise. But trends can fluctuate depending on current affairs and where your property is located. 

Renovation remains the best way to ensure capital growth, but it’s a good idea to stick to a budget as you make changes to your property. This way, your finances will be protected while you work to generate increased earnings.  

Start with painting

When you paint an investment property, you can make the most of incredible capital growth opportunities. A poor or tired-looking paint job could knock down your property value, while a shiny new look could foster emotional connection among buyers, encouraging a sale.  

Cheaper than most major structural renovations, painting offers excellent return on investment. By striving to achieve a superior finish and modern style, you can boost your property’s perceived value, obtaining a higher rent or sale price when it goes to market. 

In many cases, a good paint job can help your property stand out from the crowd. It could even help to mask other elements of your home that would be more expensive to change or repair.  

How we can help

At AJ Cochrane & Sons, we are skilled painters with almost 100 years of industry experience.  

We know that it’s important to give your property the best chance at success. That’s why we provide professional painting services that keep your costs down while providing the quality finish you need. 

Your next steps

We might be the painting experts, but we’re not financial advisors. If you’re serious about optimising capital growth on your property, it’s always best to seek independent advice from a finance professional. 

If you’re ready to get started with your property renovation, make an impact with a fresh paint job right now. Contact AJ Cochrane & Sons, and get the support of a professional painter today. 

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