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Patio Life in Perth! We LOVE the New Outdoor Painting Trends 

Earthy toned brickwork with bright furniture for outdoor summer dining
Back patio updated with earthy toned brickwork and brightly coloured furniture for outdoor summer dining.

Freshen up your outdoor spaces in time for summer

As the summer months approach, Perth is gearing up to spend more time outside, soaking up the sunshine and gathering on the patio. Across the city, homeowners are sprucing up their outdoor spaces with fresh fixtures and new paint.  

Our painters are noticing plenty of great outdoor renovation trends for 2022. Perth residents are making the most of a chance to modernise backyard environments and invite guests to visit bright, welcoming spaces.  

Want to find out about the best up and coming trends in outdoor renovations? These are some of our favourites!  

Renovation trends in 2022

One of the simplest ways to refresh your patio is with a fresh coat of paint, and plenty of Perth residents are seizing the opportunity to do just that.  


As Perth prepares to spend sunny days on the patio, homeowners are choosing between unique, eye-catching colours or light whites and greys to defend against some of the summer heat.  

Popular exterior colours in 2022 include warm whites and creams, earthy neutrals, vibrant greens, dusty charcoals, and even all black exteriors which make surrounding greenery POP!  

Texture and Render

Another trend we’re seeing gather speed is texture. Far from sticking to just smooth, matte surfaces, Perth locals are using the outdoors as a space to get creative. More and more of our customers are making a statement with outdoor painting featuring unique texturing and patterns, or a modern rendered finish.  

You can achieve a variety of finishes with textured paint, from a concrete or plaster-like aesthetic to a silky suede or rustic clay. A word of caution though: textured painting is not as easy as it looks. If the finish is important to you, call in the professionals! 

Outdoor patio - use of textured neutral walls with fresh modern furniture

The outdoor painting trends we love most

While we’re fans of all kinds of outdoor painting, we do have our favourites—and for good reason. We love bright backyards that feature some of our most vibrant paint colours, providing an easy and affordable way to give your space a whole new look.  

As 2022 brings a new round of rendering, we’re excited to see more unique designs and outdoor spaces that people love to spend time in. What better way to claim your space than by choosing an outdoor painting design that reflects your style and personality?  

How you can get onboard

If you’re keen to freshen up your patio, it’s time to get onboard with the latest outdoor painting trends!  

First, you need to decide on your backyard vision. What colours stand out to you, and what finishes do you have in mind for your environment? Try to make decisions that make a statement and fit in with your existing garden and outdoor furnishings.  

Once you’ve got a clear sense of how you want your space to look, your outdoor painting renovation can begin!  

Contact Perth’s most experienced painters at AJ Cochrane & Sons to get a quote and get started.  

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