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6 practical storage solutions for a kid's bedroom

Children’s bedrooms are not just a place for sleeping they are also a great place for kids to hang out with their friends. Unfortunately, these rooms are renowned for ‘clutter build up’, which does cause the odd bit of friction between Mums and kids.

Here are 6 storage solutions that are practical, cheap and are guaranteed to reduce the mess and stress!

1. Beds with built-in storage

Children’s beds with built-in storage are such a bonus. Whether it is multi-kid and/or multipurpose, there is so much choice. The storage possibilities in loft beds are so cool from hidden drawers in the steps, to a desk underneath and lots more! Don’t forget the storage under a normal single bed. If they don’t come with drawers and there is plenty of space underneath, plastic storage bins on rollers are the answer.

2. Create a play table

Create a play table from an old coffee table.  Paint it a lovely bright colour, stencil a picture on the top and add plastic storage bins on rollers underneath. The kids will love it. Attaching a colourful image on the plastic storage will help kids find items themselves.  Packing away hopefully becomes a little easier too.

3. Display pretty dresses

We don’t have to stuff everything out of sight.  Nothing is more gorgeous than displaying little girl’s dresses and costumes. You can buy inexpensive small racks from most stores or you can easily make your own. Lots of different materials can be used for a quick and practical DIY racks.

4. Material organisers (bed and wall)

Material organisers are a simple and colourful addition to any small child’s bedroom.  The bed organiser slips between the mattress and the bed frame. Very handy for little hands to reach down and grab a toy. The wall organiser can be attached to doors and walls. Patterns are available from most material shops.

5. More book storage

Who would have thought of storing books in spice racks? Well someone did and congratulations to them.  The racks are not expensive, they are very sturdy and a choosing a book is made easy with the book covers facing out.

6. Children’s art – frame it!

Nothing brightens up a child’s bedroom more than their very own art framed and displayed on their bedroom walls.   It is such a talking point with children and adults. Most children are artistically inclined, producing lots of pictures. Involve your child in choosing an array of art to be framed.  Store the rest out of sight, you can always dig into the stockpile when a change is needed.


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