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Cool White Paint VS Warm White Paint? Yes, It REALLY Matters!

White Paint

Deciding between using cool white paint or warm white paint when you’re redecorating your house interiors seems fairly straightforward. The difference, however, could be HUGE when it comes to either your return on investment or the liveability of your property. 

Is white paint the right choice?

White paint creates a ‘blank canvas’ effect which means that it will be suitable for almost any furniture and design scheme. It has the capacity to open up a space and create the illusion of a larger room or area. 

White Paint
Image Credit: Stagency

What’s the deal with cool white paint?

AJ Cochrane & Sons are Dulux accredited painters with decades worth of experience. It’s from that knowledge and expert base that we can help you make the best decision when it comes to selecting the right paint for the right place. 

Got a modern or minimalist look in mind? A cool white paint can be just what you are looking for. These are much softer on the eye and can create a sense of space that may be lacking from other paint choices. 

Cool white paint comes with a blue, grey or green undertone. This is best suited to homes that are contemporarily styled, and is complemented by natural light. 

What about warm white paint?

Here you’ll find a sense of warmth that creates an atmosphere of calm and luxury. It’s great for spaces that are somewhat lacking in natural light and can really lift the tone and feel of the room. 

Undertones here are red, brown, yellow, cream and pink. This is more suited to a heritage style home or something more traditional. 

Which should I choose?!

The common undertones used in white paint can help guide your selection as you look for the differences between subtle soft blue and grey tones or pink and gold undertones. 

Working closely with a painting company who also double as interior decorators makes all the difference. They know what the market is looking for if you are styling to sell and they know what makes a house homey if you are looking to stay. The added bonus of Dulux accreditation makes AJ Cochrane & Sons the team to choose if you are in Perth or the surrounding areas. 

For questions about white paint and more, call Perth Painters, AJ Cochrane & Sons

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