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What supplies do I need to paint a room?

Make sure you have all the things you need before you start to paint a room

So you’re about to take on the task of painting a room in your house – but you want to make sure you have everything you need before you start. Here’s a pretty definitive list of all the things you’ll need to ensure you’re not rushing back to Bunnings in the middle of the job!

Make sure you have all the things you need before you start to paint a room


Paint scraper – for scraping off old paint (if necessary)

Filler (ie spakfilla) – to fill any holes or dings in the surface (I remember renovating an old house once – I think the walls were held up with spakfilla!)

Spatula – for applying the spakfilla to the walls

Sugar soap – for cleaning dust, dirt and grime off the surface

Masking tape – for taping off anything that borders where you’re going to paint (ie light switches, power sockets, skirting boards etc)

Drop cloths – for draping over furniture and placing on the floor. If using the throwaway plastic drop sheets I find these need to be taped to the floor in some way else they move around too much.

Paint stirrer – will help ensure the paint is mixed properly

Old clothes – don’t do what I’ve done and assume you’ll be ‘really careful’ and not get any paint on your clothes. Wear old clothes!

Paint brushes & rollers

Cutting in brush – how well you cut in (paint the edges) of a wall can make or break your paint job. So get a good quality cutting in brush, 2-3 inches in width

Small shallow container or paint tray – much easier than trying to carry a roller tray around while you’re cutting in

Roller – you’ll be using a roller to paint the majority of your wall and again, a good quality roller will give you a better result. Cheap rollers break down quickly and won’t give a lovely smooth result. Also, there are different roller covers for different finishes so speak to the people in the paint shop at your hardware store to ensure you are getting the right roller for your needs.

Roller tray – holds the paint and allows you to load up the roller with an appropriate amount of paint

Painter’s pole/roller pole – if you are painting walls that are high this will give you extended reach and remove the need for ladders or scaffolding.


What kind of paint you need will depend on the surface and the room you are painting. Your local paint shop will be able to advise on this.

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