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Wallpaper or paint? 4 considerations that will help you decide

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When trying to choose between wallpaper and paint for a wall, the options are endless and it can be easy to get overwhelmed by it all. Both finishes have their pros and cons so here are four things to consider that will help make the final decision clearer.

1. Durability and style

WALLPAPER: Wallpaper comes in an endless range of textures, colours and finishes, and is unmatched in the aesthetic value it can bring to a room. Good quality wallpaper will last considerably longer than paint, but you also need to take into account that wallpaper styles and trends change faster than paint trends tend to. So if you use wallpaper, your need to replace it for style reasons might make its extra durability a moot point.

PAINT: House paints do come in a few different of textures, and types, but predominately it is about the ability of being able to mix and match any colour, making the colour range endless. While paint is less durable than wallpaper and you will need to re-paint every 2-5 years depending on your lifestyle, it is very versatile. It will open up a small room with the use of a neutral hue or make an overly large area more intimate and cosy with a dark warm colour.

2. Removal and repainting

WALLPAPER: Some of the newer wallpapers are becoming a little easier to remove but, on the whole, it is a fairly tedious process which needs to be carried out with chemicals or stripping tools. There is also a chance of damaging the wall in the process, so if possible get an expert to tackle the removal.

PAINT: Re-painting is a fairly easy exercise, once the proper preparation is undertaken. The only real problem is if you are wanting to paint a light colour over a very dark wall. You may need many coats of paint increasing the cost and time involved, but mostly it is cheap and a quick exercise for an instant facelift.

3. Selling your home

WALLPAPER: Sadly changing your décor to incorporate wallpaper will probably not give you any better return when you sell your house. Wallpaper design tastes tend to be very individual therefore, whatever you choose, it probably won’t appeal to a large audience.

PAINT: If you want to freshen up your house with a new neutral coat of paint however, it will add value to your house overnight. Walls painted in soft light hues help impending buyers visualise how their furniture will fit into the space. Rightly or wrongly most of us think there must be other problems lurking below the surface if we see painted surfaces in disrepair.

4. Expense

WALLPAPER: Depending on your choice of wallpaper it does tend to be more expensive than paint, but over time it does work out cheaper, due to its durability. If you are a talented DIY-er and want to save money, give it a go. Do be aware installing wallpaper is not easy! And wonky wallpaper is definitely not a good look.

PAINT: Whether you get a professional painter in or you DIY it is still cheaper to paint, in the short term. Some higher-end paint products (like faux and textured finishes) can be more expensive than your everyday paint, so check the price difference before you commit.

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