Urban Organic Interior Design – It’s So Hot Now in Perth

Urban Organic Design

If there was a style trend flooding homes in Perth right now, it would be Urban Organic Interior Design. It’s a trend which has been around for a few years, but it’s risen in popularity this year. 

Embracing a calm, modern interior based on the natural world has certainly been a key aim for many home renovations this year with lockdowns aplenty. It’s also the most common design used for homes being styled for sale.   

What is Urban Organic Interior Design?

Originating from California, Urban Organic Design is all about muted tones and natural textures to create a calm and harmonious space. 

If you think about the natural world – even the Aussie bush with its organic textures and tones – this is the inspiration Urban Organic is drawn from. Colours in all shades of brown, cream and muted green are intermixed with timbers and natural fibres to create a cohesive space which promotes a relaxed yet modern feel to the home.  

Paint colours are the foundation of implementing this style in your Perth home. These are the top paint colours to integrate into your home for an Urban Organic interior.  


Paint Colours for Urban Organic Interior Design

Muted colours and neutral shades are the goal when choosing the paint colours for your walls with Urban Organic Interior Design. Don’t be afraid to embrace all shades of white as this can work harmoniously with your furniture and décor. Draw inspiration from The Design Files  choosing the right white. 

Key paint colours for feature walls

  • Dulux Jarrah 
  • Dulux Stonecrop 
  • Dulux Gnu Tan 
  • Dulux Olive Leaf 
  • Dulux Handmaid Linen 

Key paint colours for all interior walls

Urban Organic Design

  • Dulux Handmade Linen Quarter 
  • Dulux Ecru Half 
  • Dulux Beige Royal 
  • Dulux Vivid White 
  • Dulux Lexicon 

How to style an Urban Organic Interior

Once the walls have been painted, styling the room will be key to driving the interior style. To ground the space, use a grey couch or bedhead and layer with black, white, beige and tan cushions. Décor and artwork should work cohesively together with straight lines and similar colour tones.  

Bright colours are definitely not embraced in this interior design style. If colour is a must, add greenery with some plants or loose tree branches in a vase. The green will drive the natural vibe of the style to create that tranquil feel Urban Organic Design delivers.   

Embracing a new interior design to your home can be achieved with the right paint colours and a brilliant paint job done by professional painters. If you have a vision of the colour scheme you wish to achieve with your home, be sure to contact AJ Cochrane for an in-home consultation.  

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