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4 ways to improve the street appeal of your home

When it comes to updating our homes, the outside often comes second to the interior, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But there does come a time when first impressions matter so check out these four improvements which are guaranteed to improve street appeal while adding value to your home and reflecting a warm welcome to all.

1. Paint (of course!)

A fresh coat of paint will always refresh a home’s exterior beautifully. Paint has this remarkable ability to really lift and brighten any house even when small areas have been touched up. Sometimes you might only need to re-paint the trims or the front door. And if you are thinking of doing a total exterior repaint do consider getting professional advice. You may be a hot shot painter for the occasional inside wall, but a full repaint of the exterior is a massive job for any DIY, one that is often best left to the experts.

2. Garden appeal

Having a pretty garden always adds appeal from the road. Maintaining our gardens is definitely something all of us can do at a minimum cost, so get down and get dirty – pull out those weeds and lightly prune those bushes that are getting unruly. Adding a colourful flower border or other elements such as garden art, wind chimes or maybe a fountain can also give your garden a bit of pizzazz. If you decide on a fountain, consider the many DIY examples online. The simple potted fountain looks great and is cheap and easy to construct. You might even find some of the bits and pieces you need collecting dust in your back shed or garage.

3. Front door hardware

It might only be a small change to update your front door hardware but it’s an important one. Over time outside hardware ages and becomes quite dingy. To bring the sparkle back there are two options, purchase new or paint the current one. Painting is so easy and you may want to include your house number and wall mounted mailbox to keep it all consistent. Doing them all the same colour (oil bronze for traditional homes or brushed nickel for contemporary homes) will certainly up your kerb appeal

4. Install outdoor lighting

Garden lighting is a very effective way of showcasing not only your plants but highlighting many different elements within your garden. Energy efficient solar posts are very affordable and look amazing when used along paths or flowerbeds. Landscape lighting has a positive effect on friends and family, they can walk safely in the dark without fear of tripping or falling. Security is also enhanced. Research shows houses with outdoor lighting are much less likely to be burglarised. (Burglars look for houses where they are not exposed.) All in all, it is a good feeling knowing you have improved the safety of your home and at the same time enriched the streetside presentation. Enjoy your outdoors!

Photo by Peter Boccia on Unsplash

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