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6 ways to give your tired bathroom a lift

If there’s going to be a room in your house looking a little tired, your bathroom is the most likely culprit. Happily, it’s also a room that can be given a lift really quickly and easily. Here are six quick and easy tips to do just that.

1. Get new bathmats

Perhaps your current bathmats are faded or just plain boring. Happily, getting some new ones is a very inexpensive, but high impact exercise. For a bit of extra wow factor you could even do as Houzz suggests and add a regular rug, since no one expects that in the typical bathroom!

2. Install new fixtures

If your current sink fixtures are not exactly looking shiny and new, and no amount of cleaning will help, it’s time to replace them. Homelife suggests coordinating with your kitchen fixtures if you can to create some consistency throughout the house. While you’re at it, consider replacing the knob on the bathroom door with a classy, cool handle or updating the cabinets with new hardware.

3. Put in some plants

Even if you’re not the world’s best gardener, your bathroom can still benefit from a potted plant or two – things like spathiphylum and lucky bamboo are very bathroom friendly. IKEA also has some really nice fake plants (some of which I used when getting my house ready for sale last year.) They looked really nice and if your thumb is more brown than green, this might be your best option!

4. Paint bathroom surfaces

If you’re tired of the same old tiles in your bathroom, you don’t have to replace them entirely. Instead, try painting your tiles the colour of your choice. Even just painting one wall (as opposed to the tiles) in a bright colour can make the room really pop.

5. Get a new mirror

One home decorating tip from Houzz is to replace your current mirror with something that has a little more personality. Consider one with an odd shape or wavy edges. You can even add a few different mirrors if you have the space and want a funky, fresh look.

6. Get rid of clutter on the counters

If you struggle with figuring out how to put your stuff away in your bathroom, Better Homes and Gardens offers a few storage ideas when it comes to home decorating. You can install a few shelves on your bathroom walls pretty easily. You can also add some jars, bins, and baskets to display on your shelves or countertops. This at least creates a more organised look for your bathroom (and I for one am a huge fan of organised!)

Do you have any of your own bathroom decorating tips that have worked for you?

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