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Hot Tip: Painting Perth to Take the Heat


Painting Perth to Take the Heat

Professional painting in Perth means having a clear understanding of what is required to paint for the extreme weather conditions that our brilliant, shining city by the sea has to offer.  If you are in the market for a professional painting company that knows their way around the paint of choice for combatting high levels of heat exposure, you are going to want to trust a company with decades worth of experience and the kind of industry knowhow that leaves the others to splinter and fade. Perth painters, AJ Cochrane & Sons are Dulux accredited and have been painting Perth homes and businesses for over 85 years – so you know theyre not mucking about when it comes to getting the job done right the first time.  


What Do I Need to Know About Painting and Heat?

Acrylic paints are best used for areas that need to withstand intense weather – and this includes accommodating the heat. They retain colour better and won’t become brittle. Dulux recommends that if painting a surface during a heat season, avoid painting directly onto a hot surface or in direct sunlight. Follow the shade wherever possible. Remember that paint dries more quickly in the heat. 

Steer away from enamel paint as it has the tendency to crack and ‘flake off’ the surface – meaning that you are not painting to a professional standard and that your outdoor painting job will age quite quickly, requiring a repaint sooner rather than later.  

This is all information that true professionals with experience painting Perth should know. Be prepared to ask questions to test if they are worth the paint they’re flinging before you choose which painters to go with.


Get a Look That Sticks Around

Be warned that direct sunlight dramatically impacts the life of the paint job, particularly in homes and businesses where exposure is of a consistently high level. These factors can cause unsightly ‘heat bubbles’ that will eventually burst – imagine pimples on the side of a home and you’re not far off the reality! 

Painting at particular dates and times is a challenge but professional Perth painters should know this and take it into account when planning for your project. 

Getting the job done right, by the right professionals, will mean saving you the drama and trauma of a paint job gone bad. Stick with the team who know what they’re talking about. 

Get the best advice about painting Perth in the heat. 

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