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Why We’re the Smart Choice Painting Contractors for Property Management 

Perth apartment building - painted by AJ Cochrane & Sons Painting Contractors
Perth apartment building - painted by AJ Cochrane & Sons Painting Contractors

Make sure you choose the RIGHT painting contractors for your apartment building

Choosing commercial painting contractors can be confusing – but making the right choice is crucial for property managers and apartment building owners. Keeping the properties under your management in the best condition goes a long way to securing great, long-term tenants. A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tired looking apartment – but the wrong painting contractor can be a nightmare! 

What to look for in a painting contractor

It’s not always easy to please all members of the Body Corporate! So when choosing a painting contractor for your body corporate or multi renter building apartment, professionalism and exceptional attention to detail is a must.  You should be on the look out for:

  • painting contractors with proven experience in commercial painting;
  • painters with an outstanding reputation for doing a detailed and professional job; and
  • painting professionals who are members of the relevant trade organisations – this provides assurances that the painters are reputable and highly rated.  

AJ Cochrane & Sons is a 4th generation Master Painter business with 89 years of experience in professional residential, commercial painting, maintenance, and historical painting and renovations. Leading the competition with 55 industry awards, and as members of the Master Builders W.A. and Master Tradesman W.A., we are the experienced, professional, skilled, and reliable professionals you want.  

Liaising with a large group of owners or renters to organise and stagger a painting job can be stressful. Getting many people to agree to a colour scheme or timeline can be difficult and getting the residents to accept the disruptions and the benefits is a job within itself. AJ Cochrane understands the difficulty. Through years of experience, we know how to ensure the actual painting disrupts your owners/residents as little as possible. We take exceptional pride in providing a professional and eye-catching finish. We go the extra mile of ensuring that you’ll barely notice our polite and professional painters’ presence.  

Not just your master painters, we have experience in intricate, large-scale jobs that require people skills, management skills, and painting skills.  

Perth apartment buildings in pale crisp blue and desert colours painted by AJ Cochrane & Sons, painting contractors

Add value with experienced painting contractors

With decades of experience in every facet of commercial painting including as painting contractors for apartment buildings, our team can advise on lasting colour schemes that are timeless and clean. If you wish to stagger the painting of each apartment in a large multi renter building by only refreshing each apartment as the tenant moves out, you need to consider the following: 

  • What colour scheme is timeless and will last for years to come without dating if we are staggering the job as each tenant moves out?  
  • Will the master painter we choose still be around in the 18 months it may take to get all the apartments done as the tenants leave?  
  • Is the painter professional enough to understand the scale of the job and have the attention to detail to add rental value to my building?  

We can provide interior and exterior advice to you to maximise value for money and bring the value of your apartment building up. A beautifully presented property attracts higher rents and a higher calibre of tenants.  

Take the stress out of choosing painting contractors for apartment buildings.
AJ Cochrane & Sons have the expertise and experience you need.
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