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18 Do’s and Don’ts when painting a kitchen bench top and wall tiles

Our kitchens are the heart and soul of our homes and when updated add value to our properties overnight. If you are on a tight budget, there are affordable ways to turn an aging kitchen into something to be proud of. Paint products specially designed for laminate benchtops and tiles have now become a viable renovation option.

While you might be proficient with everyday painting, however, the process involved with this type of painting is a little more complex. Gather as much information as possible, check online about which products are available, read the reviews associated with them and always get advice from a qualified professional. Finally, carefully study the instructions. You cannot wing any part of this project.

Here are 18 do’s and don’ts to help you on your way.

The Do’s

  1. Do clean the surface with sugar soap. (If you think it is clean, clean it again!)
  2. Do remove all silicone when painting tiles.
  3. Do give tiles or benchtop more than two coats if you’re applying it to a dark colour.
  4. Do use a 4mm nap wide microfiber roller.
  5. Do use a 38 – 50mm top quality angled sash cutter brush.
  6. Do minimise your exposure to the fumes.
  7. Do keep the children and pets out of the area when painting.
  8. Do only use primers and paints specially formulated for laminate and tiles.
  9. Do follow instructions for mixing components.
  10. Do stir paint before painting for the prescribed time on the label.
  11. Do re-stir paint tin if left to sit for more than 1 hour, as pigment tends to settle to the bottom.

The Don’ts

  1. Do not paint over damaged laminate.
  2. Do not use cleaning treatments that have abrasive particles.
  3. Do not use alcohol or methylated spirits for cleaning.
  4. Do not use paints for laminate and tiles outside.
  5. Do not use laminate and tile paint on unprepared surfaces.
  6. Do not mix and match different brands of laminate/tile paints.
  7. Do not shake the paint tin, stir only, as shaking adds air which is hard to remove.

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