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Paint It Like Perth’s Premium Properties – Colour Schemes Revealed!

Premium Properties Colour Schemes

The expert painters Perth relies on are also the experts on which colour schemes will make or break a propertyPerth’s premium properties colour schemes offer inspiration on the trending colours to consider for your home. The Dulux Colour Trends for 2021 have inspired many Perth properties with their painted interiors and exteriors 

Painters Perth Premium Properties Colour Schemes

Find out which colour schemes are trending in real estate and how to get a flawless paint job at your Perth property.  


Colour Scheme 1: Dulux Retreat

Painters Perth Dulux Retreat Palette

Draw inspiration from this modern, inner city unit for how to implement the Retreat colour scheme.

Address:  Unit 56/255 Adelaide Terrace, Perth 

Sale Price Estimate:  Between $1-$1.2 million 

Design Style: Retreat 

The deep navy wall contrasts with the retro timber furniture mixing new with old to create a cohesive and inviting space. Greys and blues complement timber accents in the kitchen, creating a rich palette of nostalgia, with a hint of modernism. 

The Retreat Palette By Dulux offers stormy blues and greys intertwined with earthy greens and burgundy reds.  

This colour scheme is best left for homes with natural light to prevent a dark and moody interior.  

Now that our homes are becoming a hub of activity due to isolation, blues and earthy tones offer a glimpse of the outside world, while drawing on nostalgic comforts for calm.  

Colour Scheme 2: Dulux Reset

Painters Perth Dulux Reset Palette

The contrast of white and light ceramic blue offers old world charm for this Subiaco property.  Painted on the exterior of this Perth property, it offers instant street appeal with its uplifting palette. 

Address: 19 Coolgardie Street, Subiaco, WA 6008 

Sale Price Estimate: Min $1 million 

Design Style: Reset 

The Reset Colour scheme by Dulux is a mix of bold and uplifting colours to brighten and renew. It has hints from the 70’s retro era with its fun pops of colour. The Reset colour scheme is old and new coming together to embrace the new normal.  

A mix of lighter green blues, snowy whites and energetic reds makes this colour scheme a unique yet fitting choice for older colonial style homes needing a hint of modernisation.  

Colour Scheme 3: Dulux Nourish

Painters Perth Dulux Nourish Palette

If you appreciate natural beauty and wish to embrace a colour scheme inspired from the outside in, Nourish by Dulux will certainly nurture your senses.  

A mix of buff neutrals, soft olive and muted ochres encourage unplugging from the world and living in the present.  

This West Leederville property blurs the lines between interior and exterior with its olive and cashmere hues.  

Address:  11a Lake Monger Drive, West Leederville 

Sale Price: From $1,150,000 

Design Style: Nourish 

The Nourish colour scheme has been used to transform this charming 1930’s home into haven, despite its inner city location. 

The colour scheme blends itself well with homes that have character or are in need of a nurturing palette.  

Choose Professional Perth Painters

When in doubt about the right colour scheme for the interior and exterior of your home, choose a professional painter with decades of experience.  

If you haven’t chosen a cohesive colour scheme or if the paint application is mediocre, both can turn your property into an eyesore. Avoid the disappointment and choose a professional to help deliver a colour scheme which works for your home.  

Need a professional painter to execute a flawless colour scheme in your Perth property?  

Contact AJ Cochrane & Sons for a free quote! 

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