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Western Australian Developers : Insights into Painters in Perth


Professionalism. Attention to detail. Reliability. Dedication. Decades of experience. 

When it comes to painters in Perth, there are a lot of options out there. But how do you know that you are selecting the best one for your job? 


The Painters in Perth Tackling The Big Projects

Keep your eye to the sky. Has the painting company you are going to employ got large scale projects on their CV? Painters should be part of your community and have links to the broader business sector in your area. Painting large projects really helps to showcase the capabilities of painters in Perth. The planning, execution and final product all reveal a lot about the skill and professionalism of a painter. Perth Painters AJ Cochrane & Sons are firmly entrenched, and have been for eighty years, in the commercial sector, and the quality of their work speaks for itself.  

Helping Make Your House a Home

It is not only commercial products that you should keep your eye on. Great painters in Perth are able to lift the value of a home, townhouse or unit to increase street and eye level appeal. Using the infrastructure employed for a large commercial job, these skills should be able to be transferred into smaller residential products. The property market in Perth looks for homes that are well appointed, contemporary or lovingly restored and that ‘pop’ when it comes to colour and design.  

If you are not selling, all the more reason to invest in researching painters in Perth. Yes, there are many to choose from. However, not all painters will be the right match for you in terms of your budget and your design. What if the work ends up costing more than the quote? What if the job drags on and you are inconvenienced? What if mistakes are made that aren’t noticeable initially before the cracks begin appearing? Careful consideration and research can help you make the right choice.  

Professionalism and Reliability

AJ Cochrane & Sons have been the go-to painters in Perth for 80 years. We are Dulux accredited, have a wealth of experience on recent large and small scale projects, and are devoted to doing an incredible job and getting it right the first time. We are master painters who take our work seriously and are professional from start to finish.  

Need convincing? View our showcase reel here to take a glimpse at the incredible work that we produce. We are proud of what we do and we would love to share our passion with you.  

For Painters in Perth who deliver exceptional service every time, get in touch with the team at AJ Cochrane & Sons.

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