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 How To Paint Over a Dark Wall – and Not Mess It Up! 

A bright red feature wall in the dining room - this may not be the "feature" you were dreaming of. Here's how to paint over dark wall paint.
A bright red dining room feature wall may not be the feature you dreamed of..... Want to know how to paint over a dark wall - and not mess it up?

Need to Paint Over Dark Wall Paint? Here is How to Not Mess It Up!

Why is no one talking about how time-consuming it can be to paint over dark-coloured walls? Imagine spending months searching for the perfect new house, then you find it, the house of your dreams. But unfortunately, you are not a fan of the dark red, blue, and green feature walls that were quite the passion of the last owner.  

You’re picturing a DIY paint reno and immediately google “how to paint over dark wall.” But before you stock up on paint brushes, you need to be prepared for the process. And depending on just how dark those walls are, it can be quite the process!  

How to paint over dark walls

Dark colours such as deep red, royal blue, and all those trending heavily pigmented colours can be painful to cover, especially with a lighter colour. Therefore, you need to prepare for the process, and depending on the tint, there are several steps if you plan to DIY. There are many points to consider when comparing DIY to a professional residential job.  

Five steps for painting over dark walls

Step 1: Fill and sand imperfections and holes. The preparation takes the longest with any paint job but will give you the best finish. Dark paint can hide imperfections, so you may need a torch to shine along the surface, find imperfections, and then fill them and sand to a perfect finish.  

Step 2: Use a quality white primer and undercoat like Dulux Wash&Wear® +PLUS Super Hide Low Sheen. A specific undercoat for this purpose will ensure that your lighter colour comes out true.  

Step 3: Use a high-quality roller specifically designed for the surface you are painting. Apply with W and M shapes. To remember this, think “W” for Why did I start this? and “M” for My arms are killing me. Don’t overload the roller. As tempting as this may be, too much paint on the rollers can leave roller lines.  

Step 4: Repeat the undercoat two or three times to ensure complete coverage.  

Step 5: Start to apply your new lighter colour. You may need to apply two coats for complete coverage.  

Should you attempt DIY painting over dark walls?

While DIY may be tempting, it will take time, a lot of work and effort to get a professional-looking job done by yourself. In addition, cutting in and having all the correct equipment is expensive. Even the best paint on the market can’t hide shaking hands, bleeding edges and roller marks. If you’re looking to avoid the nightmare that is DIY painting, consider calling in the professionals! 

Trust the master painters to paint over dark walls.
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