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Colour Me Happy! Miami Beach Interior Design Is ON TREND

Loving the Miami Beach interior design trend? Discover more about this interior trend and how the right wall colours and coverings can help you recreate it at home.

Planning to update your home’s interior? Before you do, take a minute to decide what style you want to go with. Do you want crisp whites or to try what’s currently on trend? If you’re leaning towards trying a new trend, say hello to the Miami Beach interior design style! 

Gone are the days of whites, greys and Hamptons style interiors. It’s time to welcome a vibrant Miami Beach aesthetic into your life! 

Miami Beach Interior Design


What is Miami Style Interior Design? 

Miami Beach interior design is contemporary, cool and sophisticated. It combines vintage art deco, black or brass focus points with light timber furniture. But that’s not where it ends. It wouldn’t be Miami interior style if it didn’t showcase bright vibrant colours in the form of accessories and feature walls. 

Where do you start when creating your Miami interior design style? 

 Like every good thing, you start with the foundations. The walls, or more specifically, the paint. 

When you are restyling your home, your choice in paint and colour plays a huge part in pulling the design together. There is nothing quite as bad as perfectly chosen and styled pieces in your home only for the wall colour to let down the aesthetic.  

So, what paint colours do you need to complete your style? 

As mentioned, the colours must be right for interior design styles to work. Miami screams retro, palm trees and bursts of bright colours. So that’s exactly what your walls will need. 

Think along the lines of palm tree wallpapers and feature walls for that chic point of difference. That talking point. That ‘WOW’ factor. What colours, you ask? Pinks, greens, blues and yellows. Maybe even throw in a splash of orange if you’re feeling adventurous. It all works here. 

Experts in the industry, AJ Cochrane, are loving this bold colour explosion that is finding its way into properties all over Perth. The master painters not only paint homes, they also provide wallpapering services which is perfect for this current interior design trend. 

Colours to consider include: 

  • Pink – Pink Gin and similar shades of pink 
  • Green – Venus Flytrap 
  • Yellow – Capital Yellow 
  • Blue – Green Buoy 
  • Coastal residents in Perth are loving the ‘new again’ Miami Beach interior design trend. Pink is the new grey, after all! 

If you need a little assistance in choosing the right colour to create that flawless Miami Beach interior design, look no further than AJ Cochrane. They know colours and style, and are here to help bring your vision to life! 

Want some guidance? Give the team a call today on (08) 9248 8211.  


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