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Laminate or Paint: The Kitchen Benchtop Dilemma

laminate or paint

The decision on whether to laminate or paint your kitchen benchtops is a dilemma many home renovators’ debate as an alternative to replacing your kitchen benchtops.

Which is better: laminate or paint? We discuss the pros and cons of both options in this article.

Paint or laminate

Pros of Laminating Kitchen Benchtops

  • Vinyl laminate retails for $5 a roll, much cheaper than a replacement benchtop
  • Applying the laminate is quick, and you don’t have to wait before use. 
  • Like paint, laminate comes in various patterns, with everything from solid colour finishes, to marble look, quartz or even wood grain. 

Cons of Laminating Kitchen Benchtops

Just as there are positives in laminating kitchen benchtops, there are also a lot of negatives, the biggest being finish, durability and safety. 

This may look great when recovering your furniture, kitchen benchtops are a bigger surface. You will need to use more than one roll, meaning there will be seams in your finish. It may look great from afar, but close-up is a different story. It’s contact, it won’t hold up to hot pans, causing it to warp and bubble no matter how good the application was. It could even be flammable. 

Given that laminate is untested, there is also some concern regarding food safety. There is no evidence that food prepared on a PVC covered benchtop is hygienic. Is your family’s health worth the unnecessary risk?

Pros of Painting Kitchen Benchtops

Painting your kitchen benchtops has numerous positives:

  • It’s cheaper than a new countertop
  • It’s quicker and less stressful than a full renovation
  • There are a variety of finishes and colours
  • It’s durable and chips, flakes and scratches can be easily repaired over time
  • Unlike laminate, changing the look isn’t potentially stressful or labour intensive. Just repaint and you’re good to go.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about your family’s safety! Dulux has developed renovation ranges that are fire retardant, and safe for food preparation.

Cons of Painting Kitchen Benchtops

Negatives of using paint on kitchen benchtops are minimal, though you do have to wait before using them. Over time, paint can chip or flake, but when done correctly, it’s not a major issue. 

Professional painters are trained to apply paint in the most aesthetically pleasing, long-wearing way possible. When compared to laminating your kitchen countertops, painting comes out on top. It’s a tried and true method that guarantees results every time. 

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