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The Do’s and Don’ts of Kids Helping with Home Painting Projects

Being a parent is challenging at the best of times. With COVID-19 keeping our children at home, parenting has now gotten even tougher. Apart from the homeschooling we also need to find other activities to keep our children busy. Given all children have a creative side to them, why not get them involved in a painting project and in the process freshen up their bedrooms.

You could paint one or all the bedroom walls. Or, if there is a theme your child is crazy about, why not consider wall stencils. These types of activities have an amazing therapeutic effect on all of us, so get down and be a bit messy with the kids. Here are eight do’s and don’ts to help you on your way.

1. Do be careful with paint fumes

Choose your paint carefully as some produce fumes that are quite noxious for adults, much less children.  There are many brands now that produce low toxic paints. (Dulux Professional Enviro Wash and Wear is very popular.)  Low toxic paints are a little more expensive than your standard paint but paying a few more dollars is definitely worth it in this regard.

2. Do get the room prepared

No matter if you are painting one wall or just doing a few stencils you need to protect the floor and any furniture in the room.  Cover up, and then cover up a bit more. You can never have too many drop sheets, and don’t forget to dress the kids in an adult-sized old shirt and cover their hair with a bandana!

3. Do ensure an adult applies the stencil to the wall

If you’ve decided stencils are the way to go, follow instructions carefully. Most stencils come with a small amount of liquid acrylic paint, painter’s tape and a good quality stencil brush so you should be all ready to go.  An adult should adhere the stencil as it needs to be nice and flat against the wall, then step back for your budding artists to do their bit. Check online there are many different designs available at very reasonable prices.

4. Do cut in first with your child not present

Do the cutting in when your child is not home, as we know it takes a steady hand. If you wish you can also do the first coat of paint. This is not imperative, but it will move the process on a tad faster.

5. Don’t let your child paint standing on a ladder

Adults fall off ladders, so it is a definite no for children. Children can paint up to approximately 4 feet, which leaves the upper part of the wall for you to finish.

6. Don’t try to enforce technique or go for perfection

You can show them how to use the paint brush or roller (smaller the better) but don’t expect perfection, it is more about working and playing together. Why not put some music on you all can sing to. You can always paint over any major mistakes at another time.

7. Don’t let your child load a roller

Be prepared for a few grizzles when you tell your child they cannot load up the roller. But we all know it is not an easy job getting the right amount paint on the roller without it dripping everywhere, so it’s worth standing your ground here!

8. Do create some artwork with leftover paint

While you have the floor sealed off with the protective covering, let your child’s creative juices run wild on a blank canvas with any unused paint from this project or previous projects. Once the masterpiece has been finished, hang where everyone can enjoy it. This will be especially rewarding for the artist

9. Do have some wine in the fridge

Well, actually it’s up to you, chocolate works too.  Having little helpers at any renovation is a trial.  A big exercise in frustration, tears, and tantrums.  And the kids aren’t much better.  Letting your child assist you to paint your home can not only help them to feel “ownership” in their new home but may also spark a passion for DIY.  Every time they participate in a home project, they’re intuitively learning skills they’ll turn to throughout their lives.  So, while you’re doing a noble thing, and a good thing, we cannot stress enough, buy some wine.

What happens if it all goes a little pear-shaped?

Accidents happen, especially when there are kids and paint.  We’ve decades of experience and more than a few awards under our belts.  If you need a little…corrective painting – or to simply get the job done because you just cannot deal… simply get in touch.  Learn more about our painting services here.

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